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darth vader lightsaber

darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
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darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber
darth vader lightsaber

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darth vader lightsaber
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Darth Vader's lightsaber symbolizes cinematic and cultural significance and invites you to embrace the Dark Side. Its iconic status makes it a highly coveted item among movie memorabilia collectors and Star Wars enthusiasts.

The latest iteration, unveiled on September 23, boasts a design meticulously aligned with its appearance in "The Empire Strikes Back." This includes a refined emitter, strategically placed vent holes beneath it, and the removal of the clamp wing on the control box. Additionally, the crystal chamber has been omitted, and there's a notable alteration in the wiring color, enhancing its screen accuracy.

As with all our premier sabers, this hilt is crafted from aluminum 6063, ensuring durability and elegance. Each saber blends stunning finishes, robust construction, and a faithful representation of an iconic design or a stylish yet functional dueling weapon.

Saber Configurations:

  • Standard: No longer available for this model.
  • Premium: Our most popular choice, featuring the Xeno 3 board with a neopixel blade. The dense LED strip within the blade creates various visual effects, customizable through a mobile app or SD card.
  • Deluxe: Ideal for those who enjoy customization. Equipped with the Proffie v2.2 board and a single function button, it offers unparalleled neopixel lightsaber customization for coding enthusiasts.


  • Hilt: Measures 29 cm / 11.4 inches long, weighing approximately 670 g / 1.47 lbs.
  • Blade: Standard 1-inch diameter, with length options of 72, 82, or 92 cm (28, 32, or 36 inches). Polycarbonate thickness varies from 2mm (Standard) to 3mm (Premium and Deluxe).
  • Recommended Total Length: For official dueling use, the total length should be between 100 and 110 cm (39.4 to 43.4 inches), with the blade typically extending 5 to 7 cm (2 to 3 inches) into the hilt. A blade length of 36 inches / 92 cm is recommended for non-official use.

Usability Chart:

  • Duelists focus on Handling and Weight.
  • Cosplayers emphasize Style and Maintenance ease.
  • Collectors value Style primarily.

Style & Refinement:

5/5 - No compromise in achieving screen accuracy or exquisite design.

Handling Comfort:

1/5 - Designed for authenticity, this replica is not optimized for comfortable dueling.


1/5 - Its significant heft makes it ideal for display and cosplay but less for dueling.


2/5 - While some maintenance aspects may be complex, charging the saber remains straightforward.

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