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Everything You Must Know About 360 Photo Booth

Whether you call it Social 360 or 360 Photo Booth, this is the age of cutting-edge technology. Since they beautifully preserve our memories, photos, and videos play a crucial role in our lives. Thanks to technological advancements, photography and videography have reached entirely new heights. Now and again, we hear about a new device that promises to make taking photos and making films even more enjoyable.

We were surprised to hear about tripod stands, selfie sticks, and drones at first. Many of us then bought these gadgets to enjoy taking photos and videos. Therefore, 360 Photo Booth needs to be a part of your business, whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur interested in event coverage. Nothing makes video coverage more enjoyable than this tool.

360 Photo Booth is currently the most popular tool in the entertainment and media industry due to its unique coverage method. Remember that the 360 Photo Booth is only meant for creating videos, not images.

Buy a 360-degree photo booth from a company to start or improve your business. Many options are available for purchase. Alternatively, you can always rent a 360-degree photo booth to record your event for as long as you want amusingly.

Let's talk about how 360 Photo Booths can help your photography or videography business.


360 Photo Booth is a video booth with a one-second frame rate. A platform has a rotating video camera. Users can make slow-motion videos of themselves. The camera moves around them in a full circle.

As a professional photographer, your clients and guests will get the most creative photos from your conferences or events. These photos will be shared with them for their enjoyment and memory-keeping. Sharing these creative photos with your clients and attendees will enhance their experience and appreciation of your work. It works well if you want to liven up your events and ensure visitors don't feel like they're at a boring party.

360 Photo Booth lets users get slow-motion videos easily through email or text on their computers, smartphones, or other devices. Users can receive the videos on their preferred devices. The videos can be sent via email or text message. Users have the option to receive the videos on their computers, smartphones, or other devices.

360 Photo Booth is perfect for weddings, birthdays, marketing events, and more. It's great for any event you need to cover.


The 360 Photo Booth operates quite cleverly. Your guests must stand on the circular booth to begin. If two people are willing to capture their video simultaneously, it is preferable to stand back to back.

Now, two varieties of 360 photo booths are available: automatic spin and manual spin. In manual spin, you must apply force to the metal arm to rotate it around the platform where your guest or customer stands. In the automatic one, the metal arm revolves around the subject for a predetermined time to get the complete picture after a countdown.

Thus, feel free to strike any stance, dance, grin, or do other fun things with your friend or lover. 360 Photo Booth will record your joyful moments in a fun and different way.

The best part is that you don't need to purchase a compelling camera to record yourself—your iPhone or any other Android device with a decent camera will do just fine. Don't worry about how you will set up your devices—the 360 Photo Booth comes with a stand to hold your phone or glow light. After that, just quickly post the image or video to social media. You are now prepared to launch your 360-degree photo booth business.


For those who have never installed 360 Photo Booth before, here is a little tutorial on how to do it;

Metal Arm Installation

The metal arm and platform someone will stand on must first be attached. To keep it from falling, fasten the metal mole and screw it in from both sides. Verify that the metal arm can stand steadily without your assistance and that the screws are secure.

It's always possible to tilt it back and change the angle by tightening or loosening it. Leaning it back will provide you with a full-body angle. Therefore, you can tighten or loosen the screw at the desired angle from your customer.

There's an extender on the metal arm, too. This implies that you can stretch the metal arm and record yourself from head to toe if there is enough room. Taller persons typically utilize the extension.

Attach Light and Recording Device

Second, there is a place to attach your ring light to the metal pole. You can connect your iPad or smartphone to the ring light as usual. Next, place the ring light into the opening at the top of the metal pole to secure it. Next, tighten the screw to hold your iPad and ring light in place and make them secure.

Plugin the Cords

After that, the cables are fastened to supply power. Your 360 photo booth will beep to inform you that it is in operation. If the 360 Photo Booth is automatic, you will now have a remote control with a button you may push to spin it. If it is manual, you can make it, and it will spin around the individual positioned on the booth.

Please ensure the metal arm moves at the ideal speed to capture the individual standing in the booth by checking its speed beforehand.


Everything is up to you! The simple answer is YES if you have a strong passion for photography and want to make it your dream job.

It would help if you dealt with additional equipment while launching a 360-degree photo booth, such as lights, cameras, and filters. Experts say that using a 360 Photo Booth is more fun than editing photos on Instagram to make them look better.

Starting a 360-degree photo booth business has lower startup costs compared to other ventures. This can be a major motivation for choosing this business. The affordability of starting a 360-degree photo booth business may make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

Additionally, this business will prosper in any place with an incredible landscape and lightning. Thus, you should have spent money on a costly studio purchase or rental. You can earn $100 per hour by capturing and turning moments into lasting memories.

Be Prepared To Start Your Own 360 Photo Booth Company

Now is the perfect moment to start looking into choices and getting ready if you truly want to launch your 360 photo booth business. Thankfully, it's not too harsh either.


To launch a business in the photography sector, you need a clear vision—a picture of your ideal self and brand appearance in a few years. Your idea should be captivating, memorable, thrilling, and appealing enough to make an impression on your clients. So that customers will remember the name of your business after a single event.


Now, look for the supplies you need to launch your 360-degree photo booth business. The list of materials has to contain;

  • 360 Photo Booth (We will talk about some of the best options later in the article)
  • iPad with HD quality camera or a Point-Shoot Camera
  • For Booth’s interior, a backdrop and stand will be needed
  • Tripod
  • Spotlights
  • Lighting Umbrella to add more light to your videos


You may refer to this as an optional item. However, as a professional, you will undoubtedly require a space for your business at some point in your career. Therefore, having a headquarters to run your company is preferable. This space will be used for work, meetings, storing equipment, editing, and creating a cool slow-motion video.

You can always start in your garage if you want to wait to invest in a location immediately!


The most crucial step is the one that comes next. Since most people are unfamiliar with this technology, you would want your company's name to come up when they search for it, wouldn't you?

To showcase your latest projects and share information about 360 Photo Booths, create a beautiful website online.

To make it easier for customers to contact you, include your address, email address, and other contact information.


A guy becomes flawless through practice. Continue honing your 360 Photo Booth skills to become flawless and competent in your industry.

Additionally, it is imperative to appoint a crew with experience in photography. A group of diverse photographers will produce images with various stylistic combinations. Therefore, make sure your team knows your expectations of them and your vision and goals.


This is the technological age, as we have stated previously. Individuals are creating their enterprises online and advertising them on social media sites. This is also something you can do.

Make a page and account for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Post visually stunning images and videos to keep people interested. It will foster a relationship of trust between you and potential clients.


Everyone, from young children to older people, enjoys taking photos and making videos during events. The photo booth is the ideal way to ensure attendees and visitors have a good time at your event. Check out these reasons why your upcoming event needs a 360 Photo Booth;

Everything in Just One Set-up

Using a 360 Photo Booth extends beyond just making entertaining films. Companies that provide 360-degree picture booths have expanded to provide their customers with a complete package. You can take pictures, make portraits, let your guests choose a funny GIF, and record videos.

Experience a Celebrity feel with a Paparazzi Vibe

With a 360-degree spin, a 360 Photo Booth records video of you and takes photos from every angle. When a camera is pointed at you, it can make you feel like a celebrity. Paparazzi always try to get a good shot. 360 Photo Booth will act as your photographer.

Therefore, you can pose for your very own 360 Photo Booth paparazzi in front of you at the next event.

A New Decor Addition to Your Event

An event is boring without ornamentation. Your work would have been in vain if your decorating failed to capture the attendees' interest. Since a 360 Photo Booth doesn't resemble a booth, you can easily incorporate it as a new décor feature for your event.

It's different from your typical box booth; you may personalize it to fit the style and feel of your event. A booth with 3D selfies and slow-motion videos can enhance any event with multiple vendors setting up their shops. You can customize your 360 Photo Booth with different backgrounds for visitors to choose from if you have extra funds.

Instantly get all your videos and pictures.

You no longer have to wait a few days to receive your photos and movies. You can receive your captures from a 360 Photo Booth immediately by text, email, or other internet-sharing services.

Don’t want to buy? Rent or Hire

If you don't want to purchase a full 360-photo booth setup, you can rent a 360-photo booth or employ a professional or firm to provide your guests with an enjoyable and engaging experience.

If you want to rent a 360-degree photo booth, you will be responsible for operating and setting up the equipment. However, employing an expert would free you from any work. The company will handle everything, including setup, operation, capture, editing, and sharing.


Numerous manufacturers are available on the market, ranging from high-end robotic spin booths to manual 360-photo booths that are affordable. Naturally, some are superior to others.  

How much is a 360 photo booth?

At varying price points, 360-degree picture booths differ primarily in three ways:

  • Build quality
  • Platform dimensions
  • Movement mechanism

A simple 27-inch one-person stand with a revolving arm that must be swung by hand may be purchased for just over $1,000. One such stand is made by the Amazon photo booth business WISVANAI.

The RevoSpin costs $2,500 and fits 2-3 people, while the OrcaVue Air costs $3,500 for the same size.

A full OrcaVue XL setup with a 46" platform and space for four to five people can cost up to $7,890. The setup includes everything needed for the OrcaVue XL system. The total cost for the setup can reach $7,890.

The setup can accommodate four to five people on the 46" platform. It is described as "designed to accommodate concert-scale crowds, multi-camera productions, and days of touring."

360 Photo Booth Accessories You Can Buy

  • Led Ring Lights
  • Wireless Tube Lights controlled by a remote
  • iPad Sharing Station
  • Artificial Set of 4 Silk Fire Flame Effect LED Lights
  • Velvet Rope with Stanchions
  • Portable TV Stand With Custom logo
  • Quick Release Professional Ball Mount

Your 360-booth business will look more realistic and professional with these additions. Furthermore, lightning can enhance video recording, negating the necessity for post-production editing. Additionally, you can use different filters on your record devices by downloading other software. It will improve the fantastic outcomes.

Differences between 360 photo booths and regular photo booths

360-degree picture booths include moving elements, not like standard booths.

In actuality, this is both their most significant asset and liability.

First, where there is movement, there are hazards. There is a wide variety of events that involve action. Distracted people are, spirits are high, and speaking of spirits, drink is involved a lot.

A recipe for catastrophe is created when you add a spinning metal bar and an elevated platform that might be too tiny to accommodate everyone who wants to stand on it at once.

Individuals stumble, fall, or make a mistake. They injure themselves when they are struck in the head, arm, or leg while staring at their phones. Sudden stops can damage the electric motor in the arm, causing harm to your equipment, rental service, and liability.

Second, 360 booths require additional equipment. Standard photo booths work well if they have a mounted ring light and a beautiful wall to use as a backdrop.

However, adding a ring light to a rotating arm makes it heavier and more hazardous. A unique lighting configuration is required because moving lights might cast an ungainly shadow that detracts from the visual appeal of videos. Also, the backdrop for the 360-degree booth must be perfect all around the booth. This means investing in large enclosures that cover your machine like a tent, which can be costly.

Third, complex setups and operators are necessary. Thick platforms. Covers.

Plugs in. Stallions.

To have a spot at the event, reserve at least a 10' by 10' space. To secure a spot at the event, reserve a space that is at least 10' by 10'. Ensure that you have one or two operators available to control the motor arm and handle any issues that may arise.

Ultimately, 360-degree photo booths are a unique way to take stunning selfie videos. They are lively and unforgettable. 360-degree picture booths help guests feel unique, look nice, and enjoy themselves at events. It's like being in a movie star photo booth.

Event planners are willing to pay two or three times the leasing cost of a standard booth precisely because of this.

Is owning a 360 photo booth necessary for your photo booth rental business in 2024?

Even if having a 360-degree photo booth would be helpful in 2024, you can still operate your business without one.

360-degree video booths are an expensive specialty service. Interactive booths are more enjoyable, but event planners often choose to avoid the challenges they bring. These challenges include high risk and space/cost requirements.

However, some people appreciate this opportunity.

For this reason, if investing will protect your company, you should invest in one and offer it as a high-priced upsell.

How much can you charge for a 360 photo booth rental?

How much you charge for a 360 photo booth rental depends on the following:

  • Your location
  • Day/time of the week
  • Equipment and service quality

Generally, you will receive $200 to $600 for each rental hour (most events last between two and six hours).


There is a diverse demand for 360-degree photo booths in different locations.

The supply-and-demand curve dictates that prices fluctuate depending on the area.

Right now, the East Coast's 360-degree photo booths are very popular in the South (Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana), Delaware, and Maryland.

Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that they are common in Las Vegas, Nevada. The viral videos claim many of them are in Los Angeles as well—you know, the city where all the celebrities hang out.

It's reasonable to assume that this is the area with the highest demand—and, consequently, the most competition—for 360-degree booths.

Time of the week

Additionally, some rental companies modify their rates according to the day of the week.

As a result, weekday 360 booth rentals are less expensive, and weekend rentals are more costly due to increased demand and more events.

Quality of equipment & services

Ultimately, the cost you can charge will rely on the equipment you have and the value-added services you can offer, including personalized video branding, special effects, extra lighting, backdrop arrangements, enclosures or green screens, and props like wigs, swords, big glasses, banners, and so forth.

Ultimately, your ability to sell, the strength of your brand, and you will determine how much to charge.

What is needed for a 360 spin photo booth?

A 360-degree photo booth setup necessitates much more than just the platform with a spinning arm, considered foundation equipment. Additionally, you'll need to make the following investments if you're serious about your rental service:

  • Enclosures
  • Cameras
  • Apps
  • Accessories

Let’s discuss each one and why it’s essential for your business.

360 photo booth enclosures

Enclosures encircle the picture booth and resemble enormous tents.

Installing LED light strips inside the container enables you to control the backdrop.

Typically, enclosures are round, 8 feet in diameter, and 9 feet in height. In terms of construction, they are frequently made of plastic, steel, or inflatable frames with curtains. Some have a TV on the front to stream the camera feed and attract more viewers from far away.

Premium-quality enclosures can cost as much as $4,500, with prices starting at $2,000.

360 photo booth cameras

A DSLR camera can be used to make a 360-degree booth; however, this is rare.

Why? Because you must put an iPad and a DSLR camera on the rotating arm. The weight at the top of the arm creates a lot of velocity and counteracts the center of gravity of the booth.

360 photo booth apps

Usually, 360 booths use a separate iPhone for the camera.

That is an easy fix. Most iPhones have excellent cameras, so you don't need photo booth applications to get great pictures. However, you'll need to use a specialized photo booth app if you like to benefit from the following features:

  • Background removal
  • Animated overlays
  • Gif generator
  • Slow motion
  • Motion ramping
  • Intro & outro clips
  • Filters, effects, and layouts
  • Movement-triggered spinner
  • Live view sharing and countdowns
  • Sharing via email, SMS, or social media

Some of the most popular 360-degree photo booth apps are:

  1. Snappic: $19 to $69 (monthly subscription)
  2. Touchpix: $140 (monthly subscriptions)
  3. dslrBooth: $199 (one-time cost)

360 photo booth accessories

Add-ons or accessories are not necessary equipment components.

However, they have the power to enhance your 360-degree video booth encounter. Among them are:

  1. Stanchions for safety
  2. Light bars to look fabulous in the background
  3. Confetti canons or fog machines for special effects

To specifically activate these kinds of devices automatically, the OrcaVue software supports the DMX protocol.

Is it hard to use a 360 photo booth?

Before you can successfully use a 360-degree photo booth, you’ll need to set up and learn to use:

  • The photo booth app
  • Video templates
  • Equipment

After an afternoon of fiddling with the booth and equipment, tech-savvy personnel should be okay with getting the system up and operating.

It may present some difficulty to others, but don't let that deter you! Each photo booth app has a large collection of guides and customer service reps to help you whenever you need it.

Operators of photo booths can be something other than professional photographers. Event staff must have knowledge of lighting and cameras to ensure guests have a positive experience. They should also be prepared to address any issues that may arise during the event.


That's all for now, then. You now know everything there is to know about 360-degree photo booths. Depending on your budget, You can choose an automated or manual one. You should purchase a manual 360 spin booth, and as your business expands, you may upgrade to an automatic 360 spin booth.

Everything relies on you, your enthusiasm for photography and filmmaking, and your financial situation. Additionally, there are several kinds of 360 Photo Booth rental alternatives available. To start offering your clients a distinctive and enjoyable experience, you can rent this gadget if you don't have the funds to add it to your collection of photographic equipment. 

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