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You may be aware of it, but you're probably unsure of what a 360-degree photo booth is. One of the most popular entertainment and event experiences available right now is the 360 photo booth. Although it is frequently referred to as a 360 picture booth, it is actually a 120 frames per second video booth. While a rotating video camera spins 360 degrees to record slow-motion video, users step onto the platform. It is one of the most imaginative ways to collect content and offers clients the ideal opportunity to spice up their live event or brand experience.

1.360-Degree Photo Booth: Make individuals the center of attention in a magical 360-degree rotating video booth experience, with all the high-end ops, sometimes known as paparazzi, just focused on them to capture a 360-degree image of them.

2. It may be used to capture video, GIFs, and HD slow motion. You have the option of saving these images or videos to your device or immediately sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. There's no need to hesitate—just take a photo and share it with your loved ones!

3. It can also add filters and animations to the work you produce using a range of tools. Many fun games are just waiting for your imaginative ideas to come to fruition!

4. The 360 photo booth is ideal for weddings and business events. It is not only a fantastic partner when planning your own events, but it is also a wise investment for renting out or selling picture booths.

5. 360 Photo Booth is the most adaptable booth on the market, working with a variety of photo capture technologies. Using a smartphone, iPad, GoPro, or SLR camera won't matter; you'll still get an outstanding video effect.

360 Photo Booth Automatic Spinner Video Photo Booth With Flight Case 360 Photo Booth Automatic Spinner Video Photo Booth With Flight Case
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Model: 360-photo-booth-automatic-spinner-video-photo-booth
Material:All steel material has high stability, effectively prevent vibration and long service life.Features:1. Slow start & high speed smooth rotation2. Pre-installed light strip, extra convenience3. Easy setup & transport, any van can load it4. Extremely stable & sa..
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