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Baylan Skoll Lightsaber

Exploring the Fascinating World of Baylan Skoll Lightsaber

Enter this fantastic universe where Baylan Skoll steals the show with his spectacular maneuvers and eye-catching lightsaber. The Baylan Skoll lightsaber is a unique weapon in the universe's armory, with unique attributes that complement its dark powers.

Skoll's lightsaber is different from the typical lightsaber we are used to. It glows ferociously orange, signifying the distinct route he follows between the good and bad parts of the Force.

The lightsaber design by Baylan Skoll is more than just eye candy. Its weight and form allow him to handle it gracefully like a broadsword.

In this blog, we will explore the interesting life of Baylan Skoll and uncover the mysteries of his famous lightsaber. We will explore the true loyalty that motivates his journey and highlight the amazing adventure he embarks on in the story.

Baylan Skoll Orange Lightsaber: Purpose And Meaning 

The Jedi Knight Baylan Skoll used a lightsaber called the Baylan Skoll lightsaber. The hue of the blade was orange-red. Skoll used his lightsaber as a weapon when he was a hired gun.

With its help, he managed to kill several Republic troops, including Captain Hayle of the New Republic. These events occurred as Skoll and his pupil Shin Hati planned an attack on the Vesper to free Morgan Elsbeth.

The lightsaber's hologram gave Huyang, who had first helped Skoll create it, the ability to identify who had it. Baylan Skoll and Ahsoka Tano engaged in lightsaber combat while hunting for Ezra Bridger. 

Construction of Baylan Lightsaber

The lightsaber Baylan Skoll wields is unlike any other Jedi weapon in the galaxy. The Huyang shows that Baylan's lightsaber hilt has a unique design. The Jedi have not seen this design in a long time.

But here is when the intriguing part starts. Baylan gives his lightsaber a complete makeover and renames it a "red claymore saber." 


  • Type and Model: It is a Single-Bladed Lightsaber, the standard configuration for most Jedi weapons.
  • Popular Culture: This lightsaber is associated with the Jedi, a monastic order of Force-sensitive individuals who are the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.
  • Date of Creation: It was created before the Clone Wars, a major conflict in the Star Wars timeline between 22 BBY and 19 BBY.
  • Creator: A character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe (now known as Star Wars Legends), Baylan Skoll, developed the lightsaber. 
  • Color of Blade: A rarer hue among Jedi lightsabers, usually blue or green, is the bright orange-red hue of this one. This hue may suggest a distinct alteration or a different kind of crystal. 
  • Type of Crystal: It uses a Kyber Crystal, the sort of lightsaber that is commonplace in the Star Wars galaxy. Kyber Crystals can concentrate the energy that creates the blade. 
  • Owners: The lightsaber was owned by Baylan Skoll, suggesting a personal connection to the weapon.
  • Purpose of Lightsaber: Its purpose is to be used in lightsaber duels, essential to the Jedi's fighting training. 
  • Associations: The lightsaber is linked to the Jedi Order, the Grand Army of the Republic, the Galactic Republic, Grand Admiral Thrawn's troops, and Morgan Elsbeth's armies, among other groups in the Star Wars universe. These connections imply that the lightsaber has been a part of essential occasions and disputes. 

Why Baylan Skoll Had An Orange-Red Lightsaber?

Baylan Skoll's orange lightsaber represents the contrast between the light and dark sides of the Force. This unusual decision suggests his out-of-the-ordinary place in the cosmos. Baylan's orange lightsaber sets them apart from the Sith and Jedi, showing they are not bound by traditional loyalties.

Huyang said that Skoll's lightsaber was much superior to any Jedi lightsaber he had seen in the last 500 years. Huyang referred to the curvature of the hilt and the blade's striking orange color.

We are still trying to understand what sets an orange lightsaber apart from other colors. Orange is the first color introduced in the official Star Wars universe. In the Expanded Universe, each kyber crystal color has a story. However, not every lightsaber color is significant in the official canon. 

Reasons for Skoll's Orange-Bladed Saber

The orange lightsaber may have some history, just like the red and white ones. Orange may be thought of as a hybrid of the advantageous qualities of yellow and the disadvantages of red.

This implies that those who wield orange lightsabers are not inherently associated with the Sith, much as Mace Windu's capacity to attain balance without giving in to the Dark Side and retaining his Jedi rank.

Given his claim that he is not associated with the Jedi and may really be a Sith lord, it is unclear how this would affect Baylan Skoll's viewpoint and comprehension of Ahsoka. 

Baylan Skoll Orange Lightsaber Meaning 

The color of a lightsaber conveys information about the personality and connection of the wielder to the Force. It demonstrates their connection to and application of the Force. You can use the meanings of yellow and red lightsabers to help you decipher the meaning of an orange lightsaber.

An orange lightsaber symbolizes being hopeful and understanding that sacrifices are needed for a brighter tomorrow. This could mean making tough choices for the greater good, even if it involves using their lightsaber to hurt others.

This change in character from a yellow lightsaber wielding diplomat to a more mercenary one fits with Baylan Skoll's narrative. On the other hand, examining Baylan Skoll's personality might reveal a different outcome.  

Discovering the true meaning of Orange-Red lightsaber

In terms of personality, Baylan is similar to a Jedi Sentinel: he is upbeat, amiable, and slow to wield his lightsaber. In addition, he is understanding and patient and maintains his composure. His devotion is, nonetheless, entirely concentrated on a far-off objective.

Everything else on his voyage is done to further this overall power objective. His orange lightsaber shows his strong belief in a hopeful outcome, even if it means resorting to violence.

Darth Vader sought power because of his rage and hate. On the other hand, Baylan Skoll has a more positive reason for pursuing power. He has some negative emotional Dark Side features that taint his optimism and hope, even if the origin is unclear.

According to Baylan, Shin Hati's lack of patience may ultimately prove to be his undoing, indicating that patience also distinguishes users of orange lightsabers.

It's still unclear what Boylan's orange lightsaber in "Ahsoka" really means. It is premature to interpret it now, and it could be too late to determine whether Baylan's tenacity is a true or false virtue. 

First Appearance

In August 2023, the Ahsoka television series will debut. In the teaser trailer, Baylan Skoll's lightsaber made its big debut.

This unusual lightsaber was first shown to us in the Ahsoka episode "Part One: Master and Apprentice."

It was there when fans worldwide saw the orange glow of Baylan's lightsaber for the first time. 

Does Baylan Skoll Consider Himself A Jedi?

With a lightsaber, Baylan Skoll works as a hired killer. He is in charge of training Shin Hati, his apprentice. Baylan Skoll is not a Jedi, even though he was formerly acquainted with the well-known Anakin Skywalker.

Skoll and Morgan Elsbeth are working together. Morgan Elsbeth used to be a Calodan Magistrate. They are now in a world without Jedi or Empire.

He is a smart fighter. He is driven by the need to be in control. He believes there will be more wars in the future.

Despite having a Padawan and knowing the history of the Jedi Order, Baylan Skoll describes himself as "not a Jedi," therefore, it's unclear how devoted he is to the Jedi Order.

Baylan Skoll may be the first Dark Jedi in the new movies because he has no allegiance to any organization. A real Sith is not Baylan Skoll.

Likely, Baylan's personal experiences and training in the ways of the Force impacted his choice to tutor Shin Hati, a Padawan.

Though he no longer follows the Jedi path, Baylan, a former Jedi who left the Order after the Clone Wars, recognizes the need to impart his knowledge.

Because he is more inclined toward the dark side than the Jedi ideals, Baylan Skoll has a distinct dynamic. 

How Did Baylan Skoll And Shin Hati Meet?

The Ahsoka series leaves the first encounter between Shin and Baylan Skoll unclear. They already have a master-apprentice relationship. However, whether Shin Hati approached Baylan Skoll or Baylan learned about Shin needs to be clarified. Since fewer people are Force-sensitive, their relationship has remained shrouded in mystery.

Given that Baylan is no longer abiding by Jedi law, he and Shin could have a unique affinity. They could even have a connection. The narrative is much more intriguing because we must find out how they met.

Baylan struggles to find Force-sensitive people after Order 66, but Jedi easily find them within the Jedi Order. The fact that their meeting's circumstances are still a mystery gives the narrative more dimension.

While Shin's history remains a mystery, Episode 4 delves more into Baylan's time as a Jedi. She was most likely not a member of the Jedi Order and is around Sabine Wren's age. Thus, it is likely that Baylan discovered her and instructed her after Order 66, which ordered the dispersal of Force-sensitive individuals.

We need to find out the details of their meeting after Order 66. Perhaps a younger Shin came to Baylan for advice on a new endeavor, or Baylan persuaded her to accompany him. 

Did Baylan Skoll Survive Order 66 or not?

In addition to surviving the mayhem of Order 66, Baylan Skoll also made it out of the aftermath of the Jedi Purge. He didn't vanish into thin air when the Jedi Order disintegrated; instead, he adopted the persona of a mercenary and navigated the galaxy's changing tides.

Surviving Order 66 is no easy task now. Avoiding the notorious mandate that led to the abolition of the Jedi is an uncommon achievement for Baylan, who served in the Clone Wars and was raised in the Jedi Order. He's not a full-fledged Sith, however, and he turned into a target in the years after the collapse of the Order.

The riddle becomes more complex: how did Baylan survive? Perhaps he chose to hide when he saw a storm was coming. It's possible, however, that he didn't just vanish, given his Force power and lightsaber abilities. He likely continued his Jedi training while remaining hidden throughout the significant shifts that the galaxy experienced. 

Baylan Take Shin To Peridea

Shin Hati wonders what lies ahead in the desolate wasteland as Baylan Skoll brings her to Peridea. But Baylan doesn't reveal his intentions, focusing on the power ahead for them on Peridea. Baylan says he loves the notion of the Jedi but despises the falsehoods and deceit of the Jedi Order when Shin asks about them.

Baylan wants something more profound than creating a new force that people would revere or remake the Jedi Order in his likeness. He talks about a force in Peridea that seems to be drawing him in. He believes this force can end the cycle of violence, death, and destruction linked to the Jedi Order and its enemies.

He expresses his desire to start again and end this harmful cycle for Shin Hati. Baylan is on a quest to find a powerful force that could change the fate of the galaxy. This motivates him to travel to Peridea, even though he is vague when discussing it. 

 Why did Skoll bring Shin Hati to Peridea?

It is common for a Padawan to travel with their master to learn, but Baylan has left Shin Hati in Peridea. What made Skoll bring her along, then?

Though he may have thought Peridea would contact Shin Hati as soon as she arrived, Baylan decided to cut ties with her after seeing her maintain her position.

Shin has voiced concerns about Baylan Skoll's motivations after collaborating with Night's sister Morgan, despite Baylan's seeming wisdom. It is still unclear why Baylan sent his Padawan to a different galaxy. 

Baylan Skoll's Goal On Peridea

In the Ahsoka series, Baylan must discover Peridea, which is still undiscovered. Being surrounded by the sculptures of the Mortis gods makes him less specific about what he desires. He may want to find a route into the World Between Worlds or be like the Father. We are aware that he is drawn to anything that seems to have untapped power.

In pursuit of Rebels, he travels Peridea with his pupil Shin Hati, riding light and black Howlers. Baylan informs Shin that he wants to stop the Sith and Jedi's never-ending wars. It's unclear, however, what precise outcome he has in mind or how he plans to get there.

Skoll and Shin Hati discover evidence of a fight between Sabine Wren and some robbers while investigating Peridea. Hati questions Wren's owner about Ezra Bridger, referring to him as a Jedi apprentice, while Skoll believes that Wren is still alive.

Conversely, Skoll acknowledges that he missed the concept of the Jedi Order but not its ultimate flaws. Skoll talks about having a strong affinity for anything special on the planet during the discussion about Peridea. There could be hidden levels to it, he thinks.

Ahsoka's sixth episode has Baylan talking with Shin about his future ambitions. To get a more permanent kind of power, his goal is to break the continuous pattern of light and dark powers controlling the cosmos. He believes that Peridea is essential to "the beginning," allowing him to alter history.

Baylan Skoll speaks of an alluring force greater than Admiral Thrawn and the Great Mothers of Dathomir. Although Baylan Skoll intends to utilize this power to his advantage, the Great Mothers are believed to be fleeing from it. 

Boylan's Working For Morgan Elsbeth

Baylan Skoll and his trainee Shin Hati have teamed up with Lady Morgan Elsbeth with the same goal of reintroducing Thrawn to the galaxy. However, a new theory suggests that Baylan could conceal something, defy Morgan's intentions, and seek another power. 

Hidden Indications of Boylan's True Goals

Baylan displayed not just formidable combat skills but also astute. During their protracted encounter, Baylan showed off his tremendous combat abilities and cunning ability to manipulate and threaten his opponent. In the process, he accidentally proposed two opposing perspectives on the Empire.

As he works to revive Thrawn, Baylan has clarified how much he despises the Imperial figure and its commanders. He has made statements criticizing Darth Vader's legacy since he believes it to be one of murder and destruction.

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