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Magenta Lightsaber

In Star Wars, Jedi, Sith, and Force users all use lightsabers with different colors. Given how many multiple hues have previously been brought into the Star Wars universe, a lightsaber may naturally be highly multicolored. At this point, the magenta lightsaber—one of the most distinctive hues—enters the picture.

Even though there are a few unusual lightsaber colors, the magenta lightsaber is up among the rarest hues we've seen in the official Star Wars canon literature. Many followers of Star Wars history find this saber color attractive since it is so uncommon. Now that we've covered everything let's examine the significance of the magenta lightsaber and all of its users. 

What Does the Magenta Lightsaber Mean?

We are aware that using lightsabers as their main weaponry is one of the things that make the Jedi famous. Naturally, the lightsaber is the primary weapon of choice for Sith and other Force users across the galaxy. However, the Jedi have the most vivid lightsabers of all the Force users since most have sabers that vary in hue.

Blue and green are commonly linked with the Jedi Order, but another color has become popular among fans for being unique. The magenta hue is up there regarding the rarity of lightsaber colors among the Jedi. However, what does the color magenta on a lightsaber mean?

The hue of a magenta lightsaber has no significance inside the universe. The hue of the lightsaber is primarily random, according to Star Wars canon. The colors of the lightsabers that Jedi use are chosen randomly and don't affect anything.

There are, of course, exceptions. Anakin, for example, altered Ahsoka's bright green lightsabers to make them blue. However, when a Jedi obtains a Kyber crystal—the crystal that powers the lightsaber—the hue of the crystal is often nearly wholly random. Thus, the magenta lightsaber's hue has no bearing on its meaning in the Star Wars universe.

However, this hue has a subjective meaning and importance, considering what magenta stands for, even if the magenta lightsaber may not have any value in the cosmos.

In reality, magenta—which seems pink—is the hue of harmony and emotional equilibrium everywhere. Indeed, the emotional equilibrium component is crucial in this situation. As we all know, the Jedi have trouble managing their emotions regularly. On the other hand, magenta represents two complementary hues together.

Red and purple make magenta. In Star Wars, the Sith use red lightsabers because it represents strength and passion, qualities they value. Purple is a lightsaber color used only by Mace Windu. It represents reflection and calm strength.

Therefore, magenta balances the intense and commanding vibe of red and the contemplative energy of purple in this respect. Accordingly, magenta on a lightsaber symbolizes the capacity to balance being sentimental and contemplative. Furthermore, it is well known that Sith is sentimental, while Jedi are constantly expected to be aware of their thoughts and emotions.

In addition, the Jedi educate and preach compassion, kindness, and collaboration, all represented by the color magenta. Hence, even though magenta is almost red, its significance makes it a very Jedi hue. For this reason, even though magenta is an uncommon lightsaber color, it has significance. 

Who Uses the Magenta Lightsaber?

In Star Wars canon, only one Jedi used a magenta lightsaber color, while many others did so in the Legends section. Of course, we are referring to Cal Kestis, the hero of the Star Wars Jedi video game franchise. The video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order introduces him and the magenta color.

Naturally, Cal can employ a wide variety of lightsaber colors. Thus, he needs an actual Canon lightsaber color. This implies that Cal Kestis's canon color is the lightsaber color the player gives him.

Cal Kestis used a magenta lightsaber in the Star Wars Jedi video games. This color was fitting for his Jedi training, especially considering his experiences in Survivor.

Cal Kestis faced loss and temptation to join the dark side in Survivor. But he had the insight to be the more prominent and pull himself back from the evil side. Cal's ability to combine emotion with reflection harmoniously makes this a great example of what magenta represents. 


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