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About Us

We carry the highest quality laser  lights and outdoor laser lights available.

Founded in 2021, we wanted an easier way for people to decorate for their holiday season. We were tired of grabbing a ladder and staple gun. Risking danger and the cold to hang strand after strand of  lights.

We knew there had to be a better and more efficient method. Unfortunately, at the time, there was not.

Since the release of our Laser  Lights, demand has been astonishing. It seems there are plenty of other people that agree, there is a need for a more efficient form of  lighting setup.

Operating at only 3 watts of usage, our lasers go virtually unnoticed on your wattage meter. Yet, the eye-catching display it provides will leave you breathless! Featured in numerous major theme parks across the country, our projectors deliver the goods!

Featuring single, dual or triple output with up to 100mw laser diodes, our Laser  Lights pack the brightest punch available today. Instantly projecting thousands of pinpoint laser dots onto the surface of your choice.

Covering up to 3,000 sq ft of space (55ft x 55ft)

Welcome to the next generation of  light decor.