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Darth Vader Lightsaber

Everything About Star Wars Darth Vader's Lightsaber

Darth Vader's lightsaber is as fundamental to the character as Vader himself is. He took a lightsaber from Kirak Infil'a and used one as Darth Vader and one as Anakin Skywalker.

In actuality, Vader valued his lightsaber beyond all others. This is the one who had taken in all of their intense feelings for Darth Vader.

Darth Vader has used his lightsaber in important moments throughout his life. He first learned from Darth Sidious and later became the leader of the Galactic Empire. After the previous lightsaber was lost in the Cabarria fight, the user created it for themselves.

This is the very fatal lightsaber that enabled Darth Vader to obliterate Obi-Wan Kenobi, his greatest adversary. In addition, he used this lightsaber to amputate his Jedi son's right hand. Luke reacted by chopping off Darth Vader's hand during their second battle at the Death Star. Despite his lightsaber, he was not saved. 

Quick Specifications

  • Prototype: The design is based on a "Dual Sith Lightsaber," suggesting it's a unique or experimental model.
  • Blade Type: It features a single blade, which is unusual for a "Dual" lightsaber, as the name might imply two blades.
  • Popular Culture: It is associated with the Sith, a powerful and evil group of Force-users in the Star Wars universe.
  • Owner: Darth Vader, one of the most iconic villains in the Star Wars saga.
  • Creating Date: The lightsaber was made between 18 and 19 years Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY), a dating system used in the Star Wars universe.
  • Hilt Shape: The darth vader lightsaber hilt is cylindrical, a standard shape for lightsabers.
  • Hilt Length: It measures 28 cm long, providing a good grip and balance.
  • Material: Made from a carbon and alloy composite, which would be solid and durable.
  • Crystal: Powered by dual Kyber crystals, known for their ability to focus the energy that produces the lightsaber's blade.
  • Blade Color: The blade emits a red color, which is typical for lightsabers used by Sith due to the crystals being "blooded" or tainted with the dark side of the Force.
  • Blade Adjustability: The blade's length and possibly other properties can be adjusted.
  • Capacity: Powered by a Diatium Power Cell, which provides the necessary energy to maintain the blade.
  • Affiliation: The Galactic Empire, the totalitarian regime led by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader in the Star Wars universe.

This lightsaber would be a formidable weapon in its owner's hands, embodying the Sith's power and dark legacy.


The lightsaber has specialized features, including dual-phase operation. The blade length may be manually adjusted during battle to maximize its effectiveness.

The handgrip with black ridges made the premium control for maneuvering and great agility possible. Whatever the conditions, the energy inside the Black power cell chamber would not diminish. The emitter shroud with beveled edges was exceptionally intricate and unique.

Dual-phase focusing crystals were also included in Darth Vader's blade. The essence of the whole Force lay in the crystals. Moreover, the crystals would draw energy from powerful diatom cells.

To maximize the stability and strength of the blade, Darth Vader would refine and enhance his lightsaber. This results from years of constant tinkering that caused the exterior to alter too much. Additionally, it has been seen that Vader has experimented with an emitter shroud that resembles his Jedi blade.

Darth Vader would only utilize deadly weapons against Jedi opponents on par with him as a Lord of Sith. He would use Dark Force as leverage to destroy weaker opponents. 


After Darth Vader became a Sith Lord, Darth Sidious instructed him to kill a Jedi. He was then told to take her crystal in order to create a new Sith lightsaber. Vader accepted the task and set out to hunt. Unlucky Jedi Master Kirak Infil'a met him by the river moon of Al'doleem, as destiny would have it.

The Jedi Master was attacked by Darth Vader, who ultimately defeated him. He quickly took the dead man's lightsaber back. Then Darth Vader moved toward Mustafar, where he struck the kyber crystal and made it bleed in the dark's favor. Then, Kirak Infil's lightsaber began to flash crimson. 

Modus Operandi

Among the many instances in which Vader used Kirak's hilt and the brand-new red crystal was the Grand Inquisitor's battle against Jocasta Nu at the Jedi temple. During a mission in Cabarria, a gang of mercenaries, he eventually smashed the hilt. The main goal assigned to the mercenaries was to eliminate Darth Vader. The owner's life was spared by sacrificing the hilt.

Darth Vader was incensed by the hit's premature destruction and promised to create a custom hilt. So he made a notable hilt for the trip back to Coruscant. He gave his everything in tears, blood, and sweat to create the one that befits a Sith Lord.

Sidious expressed his admiration for Darth Vader's freshly constructed weapon. Salutations for the apprentice of the Dark Master were resonating across the media. 

Major Feats

Mon Cala Campaign

Darth Vader was tasked to find and kill a Jedi hiding in Mon Cala, part of the Outer Rim Ocean, one year after the Empire was founded. Darth Vader and the Inquisitors encountered fierce opposition from the locals upon their arrival on the planet.

Dac City's indigenous Mon Calamari and Quarren would not give up easily. The locals used a cunning tactic to their advantage and overflowed the city's streets.

Darth Vader was pushed into the ocean's depths by the tidal wave that was created. Deep in the Great Ungeness Trench, he sunk. Darth Vader employed his lightsaber as a source of illumination against the pitch-black surroundings in the middle of the ocean. After going through the lightsaber's light beams, Vader managed to exit the trench and reunite with his Imperial troopers.

Then, Darth Vader was informed by the Ninth Sister of the Inquisitors that Jedi Ferren Barr and his trainees were nearby. Vader acted quickly on the tip. He encountered Moff Tarkin along the way, who requested that he apprehend the King of Mon Cala. Jedi Master Barr had also joined the King's ranks and files, according to Moff Tarkin.

At the King's Royal Command Bunker, Darth Vader eventually located both Jedi Master Barr and the King of Mon Cala. Vader charged, but a ring of devoted warriors protected the King. With his lightsaber drawn, Vader violently chopped limbs and blood in the King's way. Vader brought Mon Cala to an end by tearing apart the Padawan. 

Duel of Malachor

Under the surface of Malachor, Darth Vader located and pursued Ezra Bridger. From a Sith temple, the Jedi had emerged. The Sith Lord had been confused when he saw a Jedi unlock the Sith Holocron.

Following a heated exchange of words, there was a short fight between the two. It soon became apparent that Darth Vader's encompassing abilities were greater than those of pitiful Ezra. She nonetheless accepted the task.

Bridger's blade was cut by the Sith Lord's lightsaber, resulting in the weapon's destruction. Vader was ready to make his last move.

Abruptly, Darth Vader's former student Ahsoka Tano stepped in. Vader made it clear before donning the gauntlet that if Tano turned to the Dark Side of the Force, he would take care of the previous relationship.

Ahsoka flatly rejected the suggestion. She wanted to be forgotten in history as a fugitive. In response, she said she would never be as evil as Vader.

Subsequently, Vader questioned Tano over the callous demise of Anakin Skywalker at his hands. Tano was furious at this suggestion.

The two gave off a fierce battle. Their argument would always continue, given how well-suited they were for the job.

Meanwhile, Ezra used Master Kanan Jarrus's assistance to peel off the Holocron. Their effort caused the temple to crumble gradually. Tano was thrown into a vast chasm by Darth Vader below as he saw the temple crumble.

Subsequently, Tano reclaimed the Holocron and interfered again when Vader attempted to bring it back with the Force. Vader lost both his lightsaber and helmet in the second strike.

Ahsoka Tano recognized her previous master through the helmet's ripped hole, a tragic turn of events. Still, she showed absolutely no compassion.

Both continued to combat until the temple gave out entirely. Ahsoka Tano died painfully under the debris as a result of the collapse. Vader was wounded and managed to flee the temple and reach Malachor's surface.

A master is a master all the time. With the power struggle on Malachor's surface, Darth Vader admirably demonstrated his courage.  

Battle of Scarif

In the Battle of Scarif, Vader launched an assault on the rebels. He was in charge of the ship "Profundity," which was sent to pick up rebels for the mission.

They found themselves in the dark hallway after the follow-up. Vader used the lightsaber to illuminate his path through the flashes. Even though it was completely dark, he followed the rebels quite carefully. Nevertheless, rebels used Tantive IV to assist them escape the skin of the teeth and go into hyperspace. 

Skirmish on the Death Star

Darth Vader's exploits during the Death Star fight are among his best. Luke Skywalker, an infiltrating smuggler, and old master Obi-Wan Kenobi entered the Death Star. Then, Luke Skywalker's father-son relationship was unaware of Darth Vader.

After detecting Kenobi, Darth Vader ignited his lightsaber and engaged in combat with the invaders. Following a short altercation, the trespassers left. Darth Vader's might was unstoppable!

Duel on the Cloud City

Vader devised a plan to deceive and capture his son Luke on the Cloud City of Bespin after his attempt to trap him during the Battle of Hoth failed. Still, he failed terribly in many ways.

Ultimately, Darth Vader used the capture of Han Solo and Leia Organa as an outlet for his resentment. To find out where Skywalker was, he cruelly tormented them. They had no intention of telling.

That being said, Skywalker's lack of empathy for his companions' plight and hasty departure from Cloud City without considering the repercussions are all examples of his Jedi tendencies. The Jedi son met his Sith father there. Following a short battle, Darth Vader's lightsaber gave him the advantage, and he could amputate Luke Skywalker's hand. This moment in Star Wars, when a father abuses his kid because of conflicting beliefs, is perhaps the most heartbreaking. 

Battle of Endor

Vader defended Emperor Palpatine with his lightsaber at the Battle of Endor. Skywalker took cover in the throne room's shadows after the combat. Vader was pursuing him in the dark when Luke struck and severed his hand. That was the last location of the blood relational retaliation. 


Darth Vader has shown off his superior lightsaber several times. Star Wars games such as Galactic Defense and Battlefront II are well-known. Comics like Vision to Darth Vader and Darth Vader: Annual Two are also notable. 

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