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Best Custom Lightsabers for Sale

The most recognizable weapon in literature, especially in the unmatched Star Wars galaxy, must be lightsabers. Movie props don't come more widely used than lightsabers. Star Wars fans get excited about owning a personalized lightsaber for fighting, cosplay, spinning, or collecting. You can only answer your true Jedi calling with the best handmade lightsaber.

You have come to the right place if you're looking to get your hands on the best-personalized lightsabers available. We are the industry leaders when it comes to customized and realistic lightsabers. We are capable of achieving any combination of specifications that you desire.

We can give you just what you want because we have a wide selection of colors, hilts, and blades. All you have to do is choose your custom lightsaber hilt, construct your blade, and indicate the features, and that's it! You'll possess the ideal lightsaber you've been seeking.

Building Your Own Custom Lightsabers for Dueling Online

Dueling is serious business, as any fan of Star Wars is aware. A lightsaber used in combat must be distinct, well-made, and sturdy. It must, above all, feel authentic and connect with your uniqueness. Before entering a battle, think about your lightsaber and pay attention to your opponent's choice of lightsaber.

Lightsabers come in different categories for different purposes like fighting, cosplay, or display. An excellent dueling lightsaber should be well-built, weighty, and make realistic battle noises. They can inflict quantifiable damage on their adversaries.

The polycarbonate tubing used to make the dueling lightsaber blades is available in various lengths and grades. Neopixel and Proffie lightsabers are two possible varieties.

You can create your personalized lightsaber from our extensive selection at LaserPointerWorld. You can design your own lightsaber by selecting the features you prefer. These features include its strength, fighting ability, and whether it includes lights and sounds that respond to movement.

And many more. Check out our custom dueling lightsaber collection to get the one that helps you rule over the galaxy.

Building a Custom Double Bladed Lightsaber

Double-bladed lightsabers have two sets of blades that are emitted from a lengthy handle. Its unique power is deflection, which allows it to reflect all hits after one while you must maintain block essential control. This double-bladed lightsaber's ability to kill numerous adversaries simultaneously aids in dealing sweeping damage to the opposition. Since other lightsabers can only deflect one ranged strike in a single direction, they lack this ability.

Regular lightsabers are more effective in one-on-one combat, which is more beneficial in group attacks because of their rapid speed. Throughout the Star Wars universe, the double-bladed lightsaber was highly well-known.

You may personalize your dual lightsaber by selecting different colored blades and hilt accessories. Even the sound font can be changed to suit your preferences.

By perusing our collection, choose the personalized double-bladed lightsaber that best matches your dueling armor.

Specification of Create a Custom Lightsabers

Your customized lightsaber can be tailored to your preferences, requirements, and needs. It is important to remember why you are wanting the lightsaber. You may need to showcase it or wish to use it for cosplay, talent shows, or intense dueling. A lightsaber designed for each use will require a separate set of characteristics.

A lightsaber has different features like board type, color, blade length, hilt length, sound, and motion sensors. These specs determine how the lightsaber works.

Additional customizable elements like an ignition, lightsaber swinging, and flashing on collision are all available. Additionally, you have a wide range of color options for your lightsaber.

Making a lightsaber can show a lot about the person who made it.

The lightsaber handle comprises several parts, such as a crystal to concentrate the light beam, a Power Cell, and an on/off switch.

The major components of a lightsaber present inside include:

  • Aluminium Alloy Hilt
  • Lightsaber Kit that can be xenopixel or RGB basalt smooth swing
  • A complimentary 3600 mAH battery
  • A memory card in Xenopixel lightsabers
  • Power Button and controller for all the futuristic features
  • RGB and Neopixel blade
  • User manual and Guide
  • Screws and Hex wrench

The features that you can and cannot edit at LaserPointerWorld have been compiled as follows to help you with your customizing process:

Customizable Lightsabers:

  • Hilt design: Can be customized
  • Hilt colors: Can be customized
  • Sound: Can be customized
  • Sound Fonts: Can be customized
  • Light: Can be customized
  • Kits: Can be customized
  • Blade length: Can be customized
  • Blade colors: Can be customized

Non-Customizable Lightsabers:

  • Battery: Fixed type
  • Board Type: Fixed type
  • Charging Method: Fixed method

Fully Customized Hilt

LaserPointerWorld has made it easier to customize the hilt. You can choose all the details of the handle. This includes the material it's made of, its size, length, and width. Please make your own hilt from the ground up, adjusting it to your own preferences and needs.

Personalized Lightsaber

You may easily order a personalized lightsaber from LaserPointerWorld. Just email us your purchase number and other information to have your name and logo printed on the lightsaber.

Customized Colours

Technical information about customizing colors is available. Please browse our website to learn about the numerous color selections and select the color of your choice.

Custom Sound fonts

LaserPointerWorld also provides custom sound fonts to help you select your preferred sound effects for motion sensors. You can create different sounds for turning on, changing lights, boosting lights, blasting, swinging, dragging, hitting, and clashing.

The website has the technical information needed to customize the sound fonts.

Galaxy's Edge Collection

In Galaxy's Edge, there are twelve distinct heritage lightsabers. Dok Ondar's Legacy Lightsabers, which feature the lightsabers of several Jedi and Sith legends like Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Obi Wan Kenobi, are likely his most valuable belongings.

In this part of the Galaxy, Dok Ondar's store has a huge collection of old things and historical objects. This collection is the greatest; it has a wealth of rare and priceless artifacts, including helmets, antique jewelry, blasters, tools, wild animals, Jedi and Sith holocrons, and the rarest known Kyber Crystals.

Lightsabers come in four different styles:

  • Elemental Nature, a more naturally-fashioned lightsaber.
  • Peace and Justice is a more contemporary version of a Jedi lightsaber.
  • Protection and Defense, an Old Republic-style lightsaber.
  • Power and Control, an ancient Sith lightsaber.

Custom Lightsaber Builder

It's no reason to worry if the lightsabers you access don't fulfill your calling or if you need help finding one you like. We give you the tools to create a fantastic consumer lightsaber to stand in for your power in the next cosplay or dueling.

You can create the lightsaber of your dreams in just a few easy steps with our Custom Lightsaber Builder. With this sophisticated Builder, you may alter every feature of the lightsaber to suit your requirements. You can customize the blade size, color, sound fonts, and hilt components. You can customize each part individually or buy kits like the RGB Kit, Xenopixel Kit, or Proffie Kit for your lightsaber.

At LaserPointerWorld, the Custom lightsaber creator is still in the development stage. However, you can still order a fully personalized lightsaber by emailing us.


How much does a custom lightsaber cost at LaserPointerWorld?

Custom neopixel lightsabers start at $300, but the cost may exceed that if you make other customization choices. In contrast, depending on the adjustments, the baselit version will cost you between $100 and $150.

How to make a custom lightsaber?

Watch our videos on our YouTube channel to try crafting a personalized lightsaber. To achieve the intended outcome, adhere to the video step-by-step.

Does the RGB lightsaber come with a memory card?

No, they don't come with a memory card since, unlike other neopixel lightsabers, they have prebuilt specs and sound that cannot be altered.

Where to buy a custom lightsaber?

If you want appropriately designed custom lightsabers that meet your needs, LaserPointerWorld is the place to go. Your personalized lightsabers are constructed with premium materials and components by us. We ensure the item you receive has stunning designs and is robust and packed with functions.

What parts can I customize in a lightsaber?

To make sure your lightsaber reflects you and connects with your unique abilities, personalize these components:

  • Design of the hilt
  • Color of the hilt
  • Sound fonts
  • Blade length
  • Blade colors

Do you have a custom double-bladed lightsaber?

Indeed, LaserPointerWorld's bespoke Lightsaber Builder allows you to assemble your bespoke sabers from a vast selection of parts and components.

How long does it take for a custom lightsaber design to be delivered?

We take up to 2 weeks to deliver a custom lightsaber.

Do you have a custom crossguard lightsaber?

Yes, we offer multiple custom crossguard lightsabers. 

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