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Replica Lightsaber

Replica Lightsaber

Buy Master Replica Realistic Lightsabers for Cosplay

When used in combat, lightsabers resemble swords with a hilt and plasma beam. It is a recognizable piece of equipment unique to the Star Wars universe.

Lightsabers were powerful weapons used by many characters in Star Wars. Some of these characters include Yoda, Luke Skywalker, and the Sith and Jedi Knights. Replica lightsabers are popular among Star Wars fans because they are a well-known science-fiction weapon.

Designers create Master Replica Lightsabers for cosplay, faithfully replicating the lightsabers seen in Star Wars movies. Designers created these lightsabers for dressing up as characters from the movies.

They are designed to resemble the lightsabers featured in the Star Wars films. The purpose of these lightsabers is to provide fans with a realistic and authentic prop for their costumes. The lightsabers are perfect for cosplay because of their sturdy construction, practical qualities, and helpful functions.

These are the ideal choices for Dueling and cosplay. Our diverse collection includes items designed for durability. These items are made to withstand strong impacts that may happen during use.

We offer RGB and Neopixel versions of every replica sword. Not only that, but we also have some profie reproductions available, which were first made with inspiration from Star Wars characters.

At LaserPointerWorld, we provide authentic lightsaber hilts and blade designs inspired by the Star Wars universe. They make varied sound effects and emit different RGB lights when you activate them to fight or role-play. Our replicas will give you the experience of being in a lightsaber battle.

They have flashing effects and realistic sounds. These effects occur when the lightsabers clash with each other. The experience will feel like a real battle.

Ultra Star Wars Lightsaber Replica

Do you want to enjoy the best possible cosplay dueling? Take hold of our replica lightsabers for the ultimate cosplay encounter.

You can find the perfect replica Lightsaber for you by browsing through our selection at LaserPointerWorld. We have different blades and styles to choose from." We have something for everyone, whether you like the dark side or the light side." We promise that right here, you will find the perfect imitation lightsaber.

We have what you're looking for. Whether you want a new weapon for fighting or a lightsaber to add to your collection. We also have lightsabers for realistic costumes. With our replica lightsabers from LaserPointerWorld, you really can't go wrong.

We also have a range of replica lightsabers in stock that look like the ones used by Star Wars characters. We have designs for both good and evil lightsabers that you can buy. You can choose one based on your style and preferences. We provide imitation lightsabers, such as:

  • Luke Skywalker lightsaber replica
  • Yoda lightsaber replica
  • Anakin Skywalker lightsaber replica
  • Mace Windu
  • Darth Sidious
  • Count Dooku
  • Qui Gon Jinn
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Vader
  • Rey Skywalker
  • Kylo Ren and many more

You can buy a replica lightsaber of your favorite Star Wars character to feel like you're part of the universe.

Star Wars Hilt Replicas

The essential part of your Lightsaber is the hilt. It establishes its character in addition to holding your saber. A hilt helps you handle a lightsaber smoothly, guarantees a firm grip, and offers a comfortable place to relax.

It also houses several other parts, such as the saber's on/off switch and the covertec wheel that clips the blade to your belt. From drawing the Lightsaber to keeping it lit during the fight, the locati0n of these will determine how convenient and practical the saber is in combat.

We have an excellent selection of Star Wars hilt reproductions to match your Lightsaber. Transform your lightsaber into a realistic masterpiece with our advanced replicas. Choose from a variety of designs, patterns, and shapes to make your lightsaber truly unique.

You can customize your Lightsaber in many ways with our hilt replicas. These replicas are made to fit various lightsaber models. There are numerous options available for personalizing your Lightsaber. Our hilt replicas are designed to suit a wide range of lightsaber styles.

Legendary Lightsaber replicas

To have a full lightsaber cosplay duel, you will need a replica saber that is authentic in appearance, touch, and sound. The replica saber should closely resemble the real lightsaber in its appearance. It should also feel similar to holding a real lightsaber. Additionally, the replica saber should produce the same sound as a real lightsaber.

Whichever Star Wars character is your favorite, you want the appropriate color scheme and audio effects. And our fabled lightsaber replicas provide just that.

Our renowned lightsaber designs are nearly exact replicas rather than cheap plastic toys. Star Wars fans will experience joy and nostalgia from each of our replicas. From the moment you touch the weapon, our lightsabers' superior quality, unique designs, premium features, and realistic aspects will transport you to the Star Wars galaxy. These lightsabers are made to satisfy the demands and specifications of every fan.

The following are some of the critical characteristics of the replica lightsabers from LaserPointerWorld:

  • Realistic sound effects with varying intensities due to motion sensors.
  • Strong and shatterproof blade
  • High-quality duel-grade blades of different lengths.
  • Solid Frosted aluminum alloy hilt
  • RGB LEDs with 12 different preset effects
  • Flash on clash
  • It is simple to use and has a 5V Micro USB lithium-ion rechargeable/replaceable battery.

What are the most realistic lightsaber replicas?

For all types of Star Wars enthusiasts out there, we have an extensive selection of Master replica lightsabers. Nonetheless, here are the top three lightsaber copies we have to offer:

  • ASW Proffie Lightsaber
  • Original DV Lightsaber
  • LSW Lightsaber


Can we duel with replica lightsabers?

Dueling with replica lightsabers is safe and effective; hence, the answer is yes. Our lightsabers can withstand intense fighting efficiently and are qualified for full-impact dueling. They are incredibly resilient and won't crumble during your brave Dueling.

Because the polycarbonate used to make our lightsabers is flexible, the blade can bend when struck. But before engaging in any form of Dueling, take the necessary precautions. Any injuries sustained during battle choreography, dueling, or saber play are not LaserPointerWorld's responsibility.

How much does a replica lightsaber cost?

Depending on the features and customizability of each replica lightsaber, we provide a range of costs. Look through our website to find out the exact costs of each thing you like. But we work hard to keep our rates fair and inexpensive so that every Star Wars fan can purchase from us.

Can I buy a hilt?

Yes, we do sell every lightsaber accessory individually, including the hilt.

How much does a master replica lightsaber typically cost?

Each master replica lightsaber has a different pricing. However, depending on the characteristics, our price range usually ranges from $79 to $500.

Can I remove the blade from the replica lightsabers?

Yes, because imitation lightsabers have fantastic removable characteristics, you can easily remove the blade.

How do you fix these replica lightsabers?

Many online videos and guides explain how to fix imitation lightsabers. If you need to fix your replica lightsaber, feel free to contact our experts for support or advice.

ahsoka tano lightsabers - clone wars versions ahsoka tano lightsabers - clone wars versions
-54 %
Model: ahsoka-lightsabers-clone-wars-versions
PRODUCT INFORMATIONSelect one of the two lightsabers inspired by Ahsoka, or get the whole set! The Clone Wars served as inspiration for them.There are covertec wheels on each sword. You may choose the twin saber option or one of the two versions. The twin saber set will significantly reduc..
$339.00 $739.00
Model: anakin-skywalker-lightsaber-epii-version
PRODUCT INFORMATIONAnakin Skywalker's lightsaber is seen in Attack of the Clones. And now with Proffie available.This replica sword was expertly crafted with incredible detail and accuracy.Like all others, this magnificent saber has an aluminum 6063 hilt. Each saber has beau..
anakin skywalker lightsaber - epiii version anakin skywalker lightsaber - epiii version
-29 %
Model: anakin-skywalker-lightsaber-episode-iii-version
PRODUCT INFORMATIONAnakin Skywalker's lightsaber is probably the most iconic of them all! This saber is an hommage to the version we discover in Revenge of the Sith.This is a saber replica, custom-built with tremendous precision and detail.Like all of our fantastic sabers, this hilt i..
$339.00 $479.00
anakin skywalker lightsaber - epix version anakin skywalker lightsaber - epix version
-28 %
Model: anakin-skywalker-lightsaber-episode-ix-version
PRODUCT INFORMATIONAnakin Skywalker's lightsaber has gone through a lot of movies ... and by the time of The Rise of Skywalker it had gone through a lot. Period. This is a replica inspired by the last look of Anakin's saber after it was broken in half in The Last Jedi : reforged ..
$359.00 $499.00
anakin skywalker lightsaber - epv version anakin skywalker lightsaber - epv version
-28 %
Model: anakin-skywalker-lightsaber-episode-v-version
PRODUCT INFORMATIONAmong them, Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber is most likely the most famous! The blueprint that Luke finds in The Empire Strikes Back is this one. This replica sword was expertly crafted with incredible detail and accuracy. This rendition honors the Graflex formerly utilize..
$359.00 $499.00
ben solo lightsaber ben solo lightsaber
-28 %
Model: ben-solo-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONThe Last Jedi gives a quick glimpse of Ben Solo's lightsaber, seen in greater detail in novels and comics. We offer you our take on the hilt.The hilt of our incredible sabers is composed of 6063 aluminum. Each saber has beautiful finishes and sturdy construction made of durable ma..
$359.00 $499.00
boone kestis Lightsaber boone kestis Lightsaber
-28 %
Model: boone-kestis-light-saber
About Boone Kestis LightsaberIntroducing "The Saber That Never Was," a unique saber hilt based on Fallen Order concept art. The Boone Kestis lightsaber replica evokes a spirit of adventure and resiliency while paying tribute to the game's tough, battle-worn look.The Boone Kestis lightsaber replica i..
$398.12 $552.95
cal kestis lightsaber cal kestis lightsaber
-28 %
Model: cal-kestis-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONLightsaber inspired by Cal Kestis. One of Cal's saber designs from the video game Jedi: Fallen Order served as the model for this sword.This dueling saber has a lengthy hilt and a fantastic emitter piece, giving it a powerful, striking appearance.Like all others, this magnificent ..
$359.00 $499.00
cal kestis lightsaber - w/ damaged pommel cal kestis lightsaber - w/ damaged pommel
-26 %
Model: cal-kestis-lightsaber-w-damaged-pommel
PRODUCT INFORMATIONLightsaber modeled after Cal Kestis, with a fractured pommel and a screen-accurate hilt appearance and color. One of Cal's saber designs from the video game Jedi: Fallen Order served as the model for this sword.This dueling saber has a lengthy hilt and a fantastic emitter piece, g..
$409.00 $549.00
cal kestis lightsaber - weathered cal kestis lightsaber - weathered
-24 %
Model: cal-kestis-lightsaber-weathered
PRODUCT INFORMATIONWith its shattered pommel and unique aged appearance, this lightsaber was inspired by Cal Kestis. One of Cal's saber designs from the video game Jedi: Fallen Order served as the model for this sword.This dueling saber is a long hilt with an excellent emitter piece that g..
$439.00 $579.00
Model: combat-saber-model-opress
DescriptionWith the SO Sabre Neopixel Sabre Movie Replica, relive the excitement of Star Wars like never before.These replicas, made with unmatched attention to detail and state-of-the-art technology, take you right into the center of the action-packed galaxy in the far distance.Every SO Sabre Neopi..
$410.00 $410.00
combat saber - model stellan gios high republic  lightsaber combat saber - model stellan gios high republic  lightsaber
-21 %
Model: combat-saber-model-stellan
Stellan Gios inspired lightsaber from The High Republic Only charge with a 5v 1amp max charger Hilt Length 33cm Default blade length 36" Other blade options are 32" and 28" Blade diameter 1" Comes with non lit side blades Not recommended for duellingWHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RGB AND Ne..
$620.00 $780.00
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