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Cal Kestis Lightsaber

A Detailed Profile Of Cal Kestis Lightsaber

Not to mention the intriguing lightsabers that these characters brandish, the Star Wars universe is full of fascinating people. The popularity of the Star Wars franchise continues to rise daily.

New and exciting characters are introduced in both the series and the Star Wars video games. Several characters have varying degrees of popularity among Star Wars fans. This article will detail Cal Kestis' fantastic personality and the various lightsabers he has used.

Cal Kestis was and is undoubtedly one of the most memorable characters in the entire Star Wars canon. The first canon Jedi fully revealed through a video game was Cal Kestis, who made his first appearance in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal Kestis owned two lightsabers during his incredible career. The canon Cal Kestis lightsaber is blue, as befits a lightsaber with such a distinguished lineage of Jedi.

Cal Kestis was a student of Jaro Tapal in the Jedi Order. He was a native of the Galactic Republic and lived before the Empire.

His first lightsaber belonged to Jaro Tapal, his former Jedi Master. Tapal trained Cal Kestis during the Clone Wars. Tapal gave his life to save the life of his young padawan after the Republic's clone soldiers tricked the Jedi.

Cal Kestis – Fictional Star Wars Characters

Cal Kestis was a human who trained as a warrior under the Galactic Empire and had Force sensitivity. Before the Empire rose to power, Jedi Master Jaro Tapal trained Cal Kestis. He was a Padawan when Order 66 happened. He saw how the Clones deceived his Master and the other Jedi Council members.

Cal Kestis made a name for himself during the Clone Wars, a protracted battle with rebel forces in the final years of the "Old Republic." Sadly, these battles were just the beginning of a complex Sith plan that led to the creation of the Galactic Empire.

Cal Kestis ran away from Order 66 and hid on the planet Bracca. He stayed there until his friend Prauf died, which made him decide to take action.

Later, Greez, Cal Kestis, and the fabled Jedi Master Cere Junda traversed the planet. Despite being hunted by the Jedi assassins of the Empire across the earth, Kestis was determined to bring the Jedi Order back to life. He felt his connection to the Force again.

Following his lord's death, Kestis stayed in seclusion on Bracca and worked as a weaver for the Scrapper Guild until the Second and Ninth Sisters, the Inquisitors of the Empire, discovered him. Cal Kestis chose to become a member of the crew of the spaceship Stinger Mantis after it rescued him from the Inquisitors. During their journey, Kestis befriended the robot BD-1, the Nightsister Merrin, the commander of the Mantis Greez Dritus, and the former Jedi Cere Junda.

He possessed the ability to use psychometry, a Force technique that, if applied to a person, would allow him to see their past through the Force. This was an innately developed talent. He was good with Force Dash, especially when it came to attacking. He could use the Force to run short distances on walls and swim faster.

Kestis was proficient in both droid binary and Galactic Basic Standard. As a skilled technician, Kestis could also replace BD-1 and mend the broken lightsaber belonging to his Master. 

Description Of The Cal Kestis First Lightsaber

During the Clone Wars, Cal Kestis was a Padawan trained by the renowned Jedi master Jaro Tapal and had a blue lightsaber. He got his first lightsaber from his former Jedi Master, Jaro Tapal. Cal Kestis was a rigger on the run and loved his old Master's saber. But even with the destruction wrought by a "force vision," this powerful weapon was practically doomed on Dathomir. 

Quick Specifications Of Cal Kestis First Lightsaber

  • Prototype: Jedi Lightsaber
  • Type of blade: Single-bladed
  • Popular Culture: Associated with the Jedi Order
  • Creator: Cal Kestis (presumably crafted or assembled by him)
  • Hilt type: Cylindrical
  • Crystal type: Kyber crystal (which determines the color and properties of the lightsaber blade)
  • Blade Color: Blue
  • Owners: Cal Kestis
  • Usage: Used in lightsaber battles
  • Affiliation: Jedi Order, 13th Battalion, Galactic Republic

Construction Of Cal Kestis First Lightsaber

When training under Jaro Tapal, Cal Kestis used a blue saber with a single blade. His lightsaber had a metal cylindrical hilt with a leather grip. As a youngling, Cal participated in The Gathering by obtaining the kyber crystal that powered the weapon from Ilum's crystal cave systems. Kestis used the gun during the initial stages of Order 66 and his Jedi training under Tapal. 


Cal Kestis was training with his lightsaber under his Master's watchful eye when Order 66 was given to the stormtroopers. The young Jedi was then asked to defend himself from his men. In a turbolift tunnel, he dropped his lightsaber to escape the 13th Battalion. The weapon was blasted out of his hand and landed at the bottom of a turbo-lift tunnel, lost forever when the battleship was destroyed.

However, Tapal gave Kestis his broken weapon before he died from his wounds and reached the planet Bracca. During the early Imperial Era, Cal Kestis managed to escape the Empire while carrying the lightsaber of his slain Master.

The blue lightsaber used to have two blades, but it broke after Order 66. Now, it can only produce one blade at a time. The young Jedi created a new lightsaber. He combined the one given to him by his Master with the one made by Warrior Cere Junda.

Loss Of Cal Kestis First Lightsaber

Two Clone soldiers fired the lightsaber out of Cal Kestis's hand as he managed to escape Order 66, and it fell down an elevator shaft and was lost. 


For the first time, Cal Kesti's original blue-bladed lightsaber was featured in "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order." 

Description Of The Cal Kestis Second Lightsaber

Cal Kestis held onto his old Master's lightsaber with great sentimentality while living on the run as a mechanic. Despite causing destruction, the critical weapon was destroyed on Dathomir.

Cal Kestis uses his second lightsaber in this way. This Jedi lightsaber was constructed from the remnants of Jaro Tapal and Cere Junda's destroyed lightsabers.

Next is even better. Kestis stole two "kyber" crystals from the Crystal Cave of the planet Ilum, which gave the lightsaber its power. Despite having two blades, it can also be used as a standard lightsaber with one blade. 

Quick Specifications Of Cal Kestis Second Lightsaber

  • Prototype: Jedi Lightsaber
  • Type of blade: Double-bladed, but it can split into a single-bladed configuration.
  • Popular Culture: Associated with the Jedi Order
  • Creator: Cal Kestis, who presumably crafted or assembled it
  • Hilt type: Straight, which suggests a more traditional and straightforward design
  • Construction date: 1.14 years Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY), which is a reference to the Star Wars timeline
  • Crystal type: The double-bladed characteristic may be caused by two Kyber crystals, which may also enable special powers or qualities. 
  • Blade Color: Blue, indicating a connection to peace and serenity, is often associated with Jedi who choose this color
  • Owners: Cal Kestis
  • Usage: Primarily for lightsaber combat
  • Affiliation: Jedi Order and the Mantis crew, implying a relationship with the Jedi as well as a group of friends or allies along the way 

Construction Of Cal Kestis Second Lightsaber

The parts of the second lightsaber that Cal Kestis constructed came from the lightsabers that Cere Junda and Jaro Tapal had given to him earlier. After shattering his previous weapon, Jedi Warrior Cal Kestis visited Ilum and made this one. To refuel the lightsaber, Kestis removed two kyber crystals from Crystal Cave. The crystals were once a single crystal but broke in two when Kestis found them. 

From Where Kestis Found Crystal For His Saber?

Cal Kestis had never forged his lightsaber before, so it was the last thing he needed to do to become a Jedi knight. To accomplish this, one needed to visit the planet Ilum, which was home to the kyber crystals that gave all sabers their energy.

The Empire ruled the planet during Cal Keestis's reign. Cal Kestis had to sneak into the planet and build his lightsaber while avoiding soldiers and Imperial star cruisers.

With just his companion, the droid BD-1, Cal Kestis persevered, found his crystals, and rebuilt a new weapon from the ruins of two old lightsabers. Thus, this is the origin of the renowned Cal Kestis lightsaber. 


Like Jaro Tapal's lightsaber, the lightsaber has two blades. It could be used as a traditional single-bladed lightsaber despite having two blades.

Kestis could light up both blades of the weapon at the same time. This gave him the option to use it as a single-bladed or double-bladed weapon. The weapon's ability to separate into two lightsabers allowed Kestis to use Jar'Kai.

Usage Of Cal Kestis Second Lightsaber

Used Of Lightsaber Against Sentients

Kestis managed to obtain a lightsaber, and the Stinger Mantis team returned to Dathomir. To begin with, Kestis had traveled to the planet to acquire an Astrium that would unlock the Bogano prison, which held Cordova's Holocron. Kestis used his lightsaber to cut through many people in his way. He was heading back to the Tomb of Kujet to find the Astrium. 

Cal Kestis Vs Merrin

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