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Rebels Lightsaber

Embark on an epic journey with NEO Sabers, where you'll find the ultimate Rebel Hero Lightsaber set, perfectly designed for those ready to join the ranks of rebel fighters and become true heroes. Our Rebels Lightsaber collection is meticulously crafted to ignite your imagination and transport you into a world of adventure and heroism.

Each saber in our collection is a testament to precision and care, offering a realistic and immersive experience. The Rebel Hero Lightsaber set symbolizes the courage and resolve of rebel fighters, catering to both seasoned Jedi and staunch rebel supporters. You can customize your saber with various designs and colors to match your heroic persona perfectly.

NEO Sabers takes pride in offering the Rebels Lightsaber collection, allowing you to wield the same weapons as your favorite rebel heroes. Step into the rebellion and make your mark with our top-quality lightsabers.

Legendary Wielders of Rebel Lightsabers:

Meet the iconic heroes of the Star Wars universe who have wielded Rebel Lightsabers:

  • Ahsoka Tano is a former Jedi student renowned for her exceptional skills and courage.
  • Darth Maul: The fearsome Sith Lord is known for instilling terror in his adversaries.
  • Ezra is a young Jedi trainee embarking on incredible adventures.

NEO Sabers celebrates these heroes by offering their lightsabers: Ahsoka's, Darth Maul's, and Ezra's. Each saber in our collection is crafted for a genuine and thrilling experience.

Whether you seek the strength of Ahsoka, the intimidation of Darth Maul, or the resolve of Ezra, NEO Sabers has the perfect Rebels Lightsaber for you.

Duelling Capabilities of Rebel Sabers:

Rebel Sabers from Neo Sabers are meticulously crafted for dueling. They boast precision and durability and are ideal for intense dueling sessions. These sabers are designed with balance, weight distribution, and comfortable grip, ensuring optimal dueling performance for Jedi Knights and Sith Lords.

Custom Rebel Lightsabers:

NEO Sabers is your go-to destination for custom Rebel Lightsabers. Whether inspired by Ahsoka or Darth Maul or seeking a unique design like the Lorian Lightsaber, our collection offers a variety of customization options. Each custom saber is a work of art, reflecting your style and passion.


  • What is a Rebel Saber? A lightsaber symbolizing independence, freedom, and defiance, used by rebels in their fight against tyranny.
  • Do Rebel Sabers come with the blade? Yes, they come with a blade, ready for immediate action.
  • Are Rebel Sabers good? They are high-quality, durable, and designed for dueling.
  • Why are Rebel Lightsabers thin? Their slender design allows for quick, agile movements in battle, enhancing the wielder's combat capabilities.

Discover your inner hero with a Rebel Lightsaber from Neo Sabers, and let the Force guide your journey!

ahsoka lightsabers - rebels / mandalorian versions ahsoka lightsabers - rebels / mandalorian versions
-43 %
Model: ahsoka-lightsabers-rebels-mandalorian-versions
Product Overview: Ahsoka-Inspired Lightsaber CollectionEmbark on an adventure with our Ahsoka Tano-inspired lightsabers, reflecting the designs seen in "Rebels," "The Mandalorian," and "Ahsoka." Now, these sabers are available with the advanced Proffie board!Choose Your Style:Individual or Dual Set:..
$359.00 $629.00
leia organa lightsaber leia organa lightsaber
-28 %
Model: leia-organa-lightsaber
This product showcases a replica of Leia's lightsaber, reflecting her Jedi training as seen in the Star Wars saga. The design is noted for its sophistication, and the makers believe they have successfully captured its essence. Like all their offerings, this lightsaber is made from aluminum 6063, kno..
$359.00 $499.00
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