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Sith Lightsaber

Sith Lightsaber

Why Are Sith Lightsabers Colors Red?

The lightsabers of the Star Wars world have become one of its most recognizable features. In the past 20 years, Star Wars TV episodes have featured many different lightsabers with unique designs, colors, and stories.

In the past, the Jedi and Sith were on opposite sides of the Force - one good and one dark. While the Sith are usually recognized by their menacing red lightsabers, the Jedi typically wield blue or green lightsabers. Their lightsaber colors have historically reflected those designations. Fans have long wondered why Jedi have lightsabers in various colors while Sith always have red ones.

Fans of Star Wars have always noticed Darth Vader's red lightsaber looks evil. It first appeared in the 1977 film.

In Star Wars movies, characters such as Darth Maul, Darth Nihilus, Darth Revan, and others use red lightsabers. This demonstrates the variety of lightsaber colors used by Light-side Force users. This shows us the different colors of lightsabers used by Light-side Force users. Protagonists like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker use blue lightsabers, while Master Yoda uses green lightsabers.

Intimidating Sith Red Lightsabers

The red lightsabers wielded by the Sith in Star Wars are terrible weaponry in popular culture. When the red energy swords are glowing, the saber is seen as one of the most amazing weapons.

Have you ever wondered why Sith lightsabers are red in the Star Wars universe? But you are not by yourself. It's one of the most often-asked questions about Star Wars mythos.

Alright! This enigma has a bloody good explanation. Let's investigate.

History Of Red Lightsabers

The crimson lightsaber from Star Wars is one of the best-looking lightsabers ever. Still, compared to the other Star Wars lightsabers, it is well-known worldwide mainly because The Sith, the villains, utilized it a lot. These villains are only here to destroy the Jedi Order and take control of the galaxy.

The Sith adhered to the Rule of Two, which states that there should only ever be one master and one learner. For the most part, this meant they had to break their souls to free themselves from the master's grip. Typically, it also meant letting go of all mental and physical shortcomings.

The color of the blade resonates with the crystals. The crystals are usually found in Dantooine, Ilum, or Adega.

Every crystal is unique and has a unique pattern of colors and abilities. Interestingly, when the crystal is mixed with the blade, the Sith and Jedi reflect feelings into the crystal and resonate the pattern according to their own identities. Sith cannot make a large variety of hues, whereas Jedi can.

Why get a Sith Lightsaber?

Choosing a Sith lightsaber means severing ties with the Light side of the Force, creating your fate, and unleashing terror and destruction everywhere you go. That's not a Jedi Lightsaber for you; you need something different.

The Sith Lightsaber demonstrates the artistry and artistry that goes into making a dark-side weapon. The terrifying hilt of an authentic Sith Lightsaber is frequently decorated with dark, jagged designs and elaborate Sith symbols. Its dark-side-infused synthetic crystals give off powerful, menacing energy, as evidenced by its crimson blade. The Sith Lightsaber represents Sith mastery due to its weight, balance, and meticulous attention to detail.

Dueling capabilities of a Sith Lightsaber:

More than just a weapon, the Sith Lightsaber is an extension of the Sith. When wielded by Sith Lords who have turned to the evil side, the Sith Lightsaber can do terrible damage.

Its powerful blade, driven by the dark side's energy, can effortlessly slice through almost any substance. The Sith fight fiercely to subjugate their opponents and establish their control over the galaxy. They wield their Lightsabers with ruthless violence and unrestrained rage.

Naturally, the ones we have in store here might not provide you supremacy over the galaxy, but they make excellent dueling lightsabers in the hands of a skilled user. As you battle every Jedi force, these sturdy imitation lightsabers will be your greatest ally.

Different designs of Sith Lightsabers:

Sith Lightsabers are available in various designs that capture each Sith Lord's uniqueness and originality. The Sith like to use dark and scary designs for their Lightsabers, with intricate carvings and sharp angles. The red sword shows that the Sith have chosen the dark side over the Jedi's moral path. Each Sith Lightsaber design shows the holder's personality and how much they are connected to the dark side of the Force.

Description Of Sith Lightsabers

Sith sabers, sometimes known as Sith lightsabers, are used by Sith knights. Their underlying notion was different, even though they were built similarly to other Force-sensitives. The Jedi and Sith had a better relationship when the Jedi focused on the good side of the Force. This happened because they were too angry, hateful, and emotional from the dark side, making it hard for them to focus.

Reasons Why Sith Have Red-Bladed Lightsaber

The color red is associated with hate, weakness, and immorality. Here are a few explanations on why Sith lightsabers are red.

  • The Sith make their lightsabers by infusing crystals with evil emotions. This creates the illusion of blood flowing from the blade. One possible reason for this is to enhance the weapon's intimidating appearance.
  • The Sith may believe that instilling their weapons with dark energy makes them more powerful in combat. It seems red as a result of this.
  • The Sith were compelled to make artificial kybers since they could not control or ignite Kyber crystals. The primary reason was that they failed to develop the same bond as the Jedi did with the Sith lightsaber kyber crystals. Since their fake kybers were red, the lightsabers also turned out to be red. As a result, we might witness Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Kylo Ren, and Darth Vader brandishing the red-bladed Sith lightsaber.
  • It is a task based on tradition. The Sith can access many colors, yet they select red to represent their depravity. According to some, these kyber crystals were "mistreated" after being taken from Jedis, causing them to become tainted and glow red, symbolizing the Sith's hatred and loathing.
  • Every color of the lightsaber has a profound bearing on the uniqueness of the user. The Sith used red lightsabers and all of their evil energy to get the crystal to function. A red lightsaber symbolizes their shared allegiance and loyalty to the dark side.
  • The Sith utilize red lightsabers as a symbol of their great vanity, haste, and levels of selfishness. Red Sith lightsabers are a representation of their courage and defiance of authority. It also demonstrates their boldness and irresponsibility.

Construction Of Red Lightsabers

The crimson laser swords from Star Wars are made from kyber crystals. The Force is the calibration for these Kyber crystals.

When crafting their lightsabers, the Sith use a process known as "bleeding" to mold the Kyber crystals to their exact specifications. They would use the Force to let go of their destructive emotions.

They channel their anger, hate, pain, and horror during this process. Throughout this process, the lightsaber is facing the Evil Side. The process would give the crystals a distinctive reddish-scarlet hue.

Any crystal can be bled to be used in a Sith lightsaber. However, some Sith believed that stealing a crystal from a Jedi blade was the proper way to obtain one.

They are strongly connected to the light side of the Force. This means they must fully focus and remain loyal to the dark side during this mission. If this doesn't happen, the process could break the crystal.

Ben Solo's crystal broke during a battle. His lightsaber had to be changed to a crossguard type. This was done in order to control the unstable energy.

Source Of Kyber Crystal For Sith Lightsaber

Legend has it that a red saber was used for the first time because of sheer necessity. In the natural lightsaber crystal-rich planet Ilum, the Jedi held a stronghold. Because of the Jedi base, the Sith had little access to the planet's crystals.

At last, the Sith started crafting their synthetic crystals using distinctive burners. In a searing furnace, they would work with the crystals for days.

The low oxygen levels, pollution, darkness, and temperature severely hampered Sith's health. The result was an indestructible crystal with a blood-red color.

Design Of Sith Red Lightsabers

Hunches for Sith lightsabers come in various materials, dimensions, and designs. Darth Vader's lightsaber, for instance, was made of carbon composites and an unusual hard metal with a 28-centimeter-long hilt. Due to Darth Sidious's refined taste, his lightsabers had a smooth aurodium blade transmission, nearly unbreakable phrik, and electrum.

In contrast, Darth Sidious used a red lightsaber with a standard hilt. Again, Sith red lightsabers can have two blades, just like Darth Maul. Sith lightsabers can, therefore, be found in a range of designs.

Red Lightsabers’ Meaning

The wearer's characteristics and personality primarily decide the colors of the lightsaber. The Sith Red Blade was notorious for its unheard-of levels of conceit, narcissism, impatience, and desire for power.

They were linked to unrest and instability but also stood for traits like excessive bravery and untenability. The color red also stood for strength, rage, and a lack of empathy. Despite being out of the ordinary, red lightsaber users concentrate on the objectives that their master has set and make use of all available resources to accomplish them.

How Red Lightsabers Affect Their Users?

Although red is frequently associated with bravery and tenacity, in this particular situation, it suggests irregular behavior. The wielders are intensely focused on the big picture and give their all to accomplish their objectives.

For them, collateral damage is never an issue. Common user traits include impatience, a hunger for power, agitated behavior, and unparalleled hubris. Its practitioners are perceived as having authority, fury, and recklessness when wearing red.

Does Sith Only use Red Lightsabers?

Since the Old Sith Empire, the Sith have utilized crimson-colored kyber crystals in their lightsabers. The red lightsaber was invented and used for the first time by Karness Muur. He was formerly a Jedi Knight, but his thirst for power eventually drew him to the Dark Side of the Force.

After that, many Dark Jedi began using red lightsabers, gradually spreading among the Sith. "Darksiders" is a marking on the red lightsabers added to recognize their increased popularity.

A Sith uses the red sword to represent their power and ferocity since they always want to intimidate. But they save their use of crimson lightsabers for emergencies only. That being said, not all Sith are equipped with red lightsabers.

The Red Lightsaber: Good or Evil?

Red is a symbol of the Sith's vicious tendencies. Kyber crystals can respond to forces. They selected their favorite users and went up to the worried Jedi.

The lightsabers employ a kyber crystal to focus their force according to the user's energy. For example, this unique connection to the crystals is absent from the Sith, who use the Evil Side of the Force. A Kyber crystal can only be acquired by a Sith by taking it from a deceased Jedi.

When the Sith or other Darkside practitioners use the crystal for their purposes, it loses its original color. As a result, the Kyber crystal "bleeds," turning it scarlet. The Sith's malevolent qualities are absorbed into the red lightsabers to give the impression that they are bleeding.

A crystal that the Dark Side has tainted can be healed. But it turns white instead of returning to its natural color. 

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