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Lightsaber Parts

Lightsaber Parts

Elevate Your Space with Wall-Mounted Light Sabers

Creating a visually striking display in your home or office is effortless with the suitable wall mount for your lightsaber. These mounts secure your prized possession and turn it into a piece of art. The choices are endless, from sleek, invisible brackets to themed mounts echoing a galaxy far, far away.

Find the Perfect Holster for Your Light Saber

A lightsaber holster is more than just a carrying solution; it's a statement. Whether you're a cosplayer, collector, or enthusiast, the right holster combines functionality with style. Consider materials like durable synthetics or genuine leather, and look for designs that provide easy access and secure fastening.

The Art of Selecting Light Saber Parts

Building or upgrading a lightsaber is a profoundly personal journey. Each part, from the emitter to the pommel, plays a crucial role in the overall look, feel, and performance. High-quality parts ensure longevity and functionality, whether you're engaging in friendly duels or showcasing your saber as a collectible.

Customizing with Parts for Light Sabers

Customization is critical in the world of lightsabers. The possibilities are limitless, With myriad parts available, from grips and blades to soundboards and LEDs. Consider your saber's weight, balance, and ergonomics for a truly unique creation that reflects your personality and style.

Transforming Your Light Saber: Tips and Tricks

To truly make your lightsaber your own, consider not just the aesthetics but also the technical aspects. Upgrading the electronics for brighter, more vivid colors or adding sound effects for a more immersive experience can completely transform your saber.

In conclusion, whether you want to display, carry, or build your lightsaber, the right combination of mounts, holsters, and parts can elevate it from a mere prop to a personalized work of art. Remember, the force is strong with those who dare to dream and create!

Model: blade-baselit-replacement
Need a new or additional blade for your lightsaber? We've got you covered with various sizes to choose from.Presenting the Baselit replacement blade, specifically designed for our Standard sabers with RGB Baselit systems. This blade is an empty polycarbonate tube, perfectly tailored for sabers where..
$29.00 $29.00
jedi costume full set jedi costume full set
-15 %
Model: robe-star-wars-cosplay-costume
Galactic-Inspired Robes for the Ultimate Star Wars EnthusiastDelve into the Star Wars universe with our exclusive range of robes, perfect for lounging at home, attending events, cosplay gatherings, or engaging in friendly duels. Embrace your allegiance – whether joining the Galactic Empire as a form..
$84.96 $99.95
Model: blade-neopixel-replacement
Your lightsaber needs a replacement or additional blade ? We have it. In different sizes. The Neopixel replacement blade is seen here. It is only compatible with our Premium and Deluxe sabers that have Xenopixel, Proffie, or Golden Harvest boards and is fully LED. The circular attachment at the bas..
$80.00 $80.00
Model: lightsaber-stand
Your newly acquired lightsaber is not just a tool, but a piece of art that merits prominent display. To merely place it on a shelf would not do it justice. Elevate its presence with a dedicated stand designed specifically for this purpose.Crafted from transparent polycarbonate, this stand is a parag..
$15.00 $15.00
neopixel to baselit adapter neopixel to baselit adapter
New -0 %
Model: neopixel-to-baselit-adapter
This innovative adapter seamlessly converts neopixel lightsabers to accommodate basalt blades, translating the neopixel signals into RGB base-lit LED configurations.It is ideal for those who covet the aesthetic allure and dynamic effects of a Neopixel yet demand the robustness required for intense d..
$25.00 $25.00
Model: workbench-mat
Lightsaber Workbench MatsInspiration:Design inspired by the workbench stations of Cal Kestis from the game "Jedi: Fallen Order".Material and Features:Made of rubber PVC, offering a great texture and grip.Grooves and seams designed to retain screws and small parts.Ideal for both working on lightsaber..
$35.00 $35.00
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