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Lightsaber Parts

Lightsaber Parts

Lightsaber Parts: Understanding the Basics

The lightsaber is an essential piece of equipment from the first view. Where your hand goes, there is a handle. The protrusion resembling a blade used to attack your opponent has a handle at one end. New fans often find out that lightsabers are more complex than they initially thought, leading to common mistakes.

Usually, lightsabers include many parts and accessories whose use is not immediately apparent from their name. In any case, what does an "emitter" really emit? Furthermore, shouldn't an Olympic gymnast be dancing on a "pommel"? Here's a quick overview of the various lightsaber parts and how they work for beginners.

Hilt – The lightsaber's handle is called the hilt, or body. It's the portion that you hold in your hand as you swing the lightsaber.

Lightsaber hilts have many different styles. Common features include a switch to turn on the blade and a choke point. The choke point is the narrowest part of the hilt.

Aside from a few valuable factors like the user's hand size, choosing the ideal hilt is mostly a matter of taste. The soundboard and additional electronic parts are likewise housed in LaserPointerWorld hilts.

Blade is a slender, light-colored cylinder that strikes targets or adversaries. To enhance illumination, the multi-length LaserPointerWorld blades are constructed from durable polycarbonate tubes with film inside. There are two types of blades: Midgrade, which is excellent for showcasing vibrant colors, and Heavy Grade, which is best for dueling.


Lightsaber Emitter – The emitter, attached to the hilt's end, grips the blade firmly where it connects to the body, aiding in stabilization. Specific lightsaber emitters feature windows—precisely crafted openings that let the blade's light pass through.

Other add-on emitter characteristics that are available are blades and claws. These emitter choices are more aesthetically pleasing than functional. Therefore, they might not be appropriate for people who enjoy lightsaber combat, particularly competitive ones.

Pommel – This is the "cap" that resembles a knob at the bottom of the hilt or the end that isn't connected to the emitter. The lightsaber hilt helps balance the weight and prevent slipping during combat. Its main purpose, however, is for aesthetics. Vents are a standard feature on lightsaber pommels, allowing the soundboard's effects to be heard more clearly.

Coupler – This little cylindrical component can connect two lightsaber hilts thanks to openings on either end. When you join the hilts in this way, you create what is known as a double-bladed lightsaber, also called a staff in the Star Wars world. Darth Maul and a few other noteworthy figures favor this weapon.

A unique version, the "quick-release" coupler, was designed to allow the user to connect or disengage the linked lightsabers quickly. The coupler is exclusively required for lightsabers with two blades.

To ensure that customers get the most out of their purchase, LaserPointerWorld also offers a variety of light-saber accessories, such as Covertec wheels, USB cords, color discs, and more. If you have any questions concerning the products displayed on this website, please do not hesitate to contact LaserPointerWorld.

Model: blade-baselit-replacement
PRODUCT INFORMATIONDoes your lightsaber need a replacement or an additional blade? We have it in different sizes.This is the replacement blade for Baselit. This means it's an empty polycarbonate tube that works only with our Standard swords with RGB Baselit systems installed. It is simple ..
$29.00 $29.00
Model: robe-star-wars-cosplay-costume
Wear these fantastic robes around the house, to events, to cosplay gatherings, or to dress up for a duel with your pals. Select a side: Become a Jedi Knight and preserve intergalactic harmony, or join the Galatic Empire and join the evil side!Ideal Present for Any Fan of Star Wars!Refer to the size ..
Model: blade-neopixel-replacement
PRODUCT INFORMATIONDoes your lightsaber need a replacement or an additional blade? We have it in different sizes.The Neopixel replacement blade is this one. It is, therefore, entirely led and only works with our Deluxe and Premium swords with installed Golden Harvest, Proffie, or Xenopixel boar..
Model: lightsaber-stand
PRODUCT INFORMATIONIt would help if you put your lightsaber on display as soon as you get it, and it demands a stand. Place it on a suitable stand instead of resting it on a shelf. This straightforward stand is constructed from clear polycarbonate. It directs attention towards the sab..
$15.00 $15.00
neopixel to baselit adapter neopixel to baselit adapter
New -0 %
Model: neopixel-to-baselit-adapter
PRODUCT INFORMATIONThis adapter allows you to use a baselit blade with a neopixel lightsaber. It transforms the neopixel signal to an RGB base lit LED module. If you want to battle hard and have the appearance and effects of a Neopixel, this adaptor is ideal. You may now attach this adapte..
$25.00 $25.00
Model: workbench-mat
Made of High-Quality Rubber PVC.Perfect for Working on Sabers the Right Way.Features Grooves and Seams to Retain Screws and Small Elements.Suitable for both practical work and Display savers.Enhance Your Saber Photography with this Mat.Short Mat: 40×26.3 cm or 15.7..
$35.00 $35.00
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