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Lightsaber Hilt

Lightsaber Hilt

What Is The Size, Width, And Weight Of The Lightsaber Hilt?

There are no specified measurements for the lightsaber hilt's length or width.

Yoda's lightsaber hilt, for instance, is significantly smaller due to his size. However, Count Dooku's well-known curving hilt lightsaber is a little bit longer and better fits his fighting style.

Depending on the type of hilt, lightsaber hilts can have varying dimensions. The longer handle is 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. The smaller handle is 6 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. Their weight ranges from 6 to 11 pounds.

What is a lightsaber hilt?

There's more to your lightsaber hilt than just a piece of pipe with the most exquisite weapon in the galaxy protruding from one end. It is your saber's character and the key to your fighting skills! It is brimming with personality and given life by features, designs, patterns, and shapes that make it uniquely yours!

We're here to offer you a brief overview of our expertise. Every feature on your saber increases your power as its master. 

Many saber owners are drawn to a particular lightsaber hilt because of its appearance and aesthetic appeal. It may pique your interest or the substitute. It's fine to pick a lightsaber for its looks when using it for combat display. However, more masters are buying sabers made for fighting.

This means that every part of the hilt, like the lightsaber grip, is important. This makes every aspect of the hilt, including the lightsaber grip, crucial.

Lightsaber Hilt Grip and Size

The size and design of a lightsaber's hilt are very important. They affect how easy it is for the wielder to spin and twirl the saber in battle. Choke points on lightsabers are key features to consider.

The thinnest part of a lightsaber's hilt is called the choke point. The user's dominant hand usually rests at this point while holding the weapon. It gives them comfort and the ability to spin or twirl the saber to deflect blaster fire or gain momentum for an assault.

Typically, the choke point on a lightsaber is located near the top of the hilt. The emitter, which centers the saber's balance, is also located there. The person who owns the weapon has the most control over it. The closer the choke point is to them, the easier it is to spin.

A lightsaber with multiple choke points lets the user move their hand while spinning. This helps to increase the speed and power of their strikes.

When using a lightsaber, each hilt plays an important role for your offhand when wielding with two hands. This is true even if you tend to rest your hand on the choke.

This part can be solid or have a smooth beveled surface. It may also have machined grooves, similar to The Guardian. These features are designed to make it easier for hands to grip the saber comfortably.

Lightsaber Hilt Components

The lightsaber handle has other parts. One part is the button to turn it on and off. Another part is the wheel that attaches it to your belt.

During battle, how the sword is positioned, from drawing it to keeping it lit, will impact the saber's effectiveness in combat. The way the sword is held and maintained during battle will determine how well it performs in combat. Proper positioning and maintenance of the sword are crucial for its effectiveness in combat.

At LaserPointerWorld, our hilts are designed to work with MHS-compatible pommels and emitters. This gives you a wide range of options to customize your lightsaber and create the perfect tool for your fighting style.

Every saber will have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the battle style! Make sure to test every saber in a variety of fighting situations!

How do you choose a lightsaber handle?

The real-world lightsaber hilt you receive does not contain Kyber crystals or Diatium batteries. When selecting a lightsaber handle, it's essential to ensure the handle material is robust. I suggest going with an aluminum lightsaber handle.

Select the handle of your preferred design as well. The battery should last the entire day before running out, and the handle should be pleasant to hold.

Would you like to engage in excellent lightsaber combat with various lightsaber hilts? Do you want to attach a unique lightsaber to your RGB or Neopixel lightsaber? If so, visit LaserPointerWorld, your one-stop internet store for lightsabers and related items.

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