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Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber

Interesting Facts About Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber

Kanan Jarrus is brandishing a lightsaber that was once his as a Jedi during the Rise of the Empire. He eluded Order 66 and put it in a drawer with a Jedi Holocron. Kanan would only assemble his blue plasma-bladed lightsaber when it was necessary.

Kanan Jarrus, a Padawan who later joined the Rebellion, had a lightsaber called "Kanan Jarrus" after the Jedi Order fell. Kanan Jarrus wielded a two-piece blue plasma-bladed lightsaber, a handguard (tsuba), and an emitter shroud. The single-blade lightsaber from Kanan Jarrus features an adjustable blade length and a low-power option to facilitate safer sparring. 

Star Wars Fictional Character: Kanan Jarrus 

Kanan Jarrus was a formidable Jedi Knight who survived the Clone Wars as an Order 66 survivor. One of the last Jedi to survive Order 66 was Kanan Jarrus, who fled to safety after the emperor's purge. His master sacrificed herself for him.

He then met a smuggler named Janus Kasmir. Janus taught him how to live on the run. When he briefly gave up on the Jedi ways and retreated into solitude, his blue-bladed lightsaber was exchanged for a blaster.

Once Ezra Bridger joined the Spectres, Jarrus—still a Padawan—became the young, Force-sensitive student's Jedi mentor. Furthermore, Jarrus taught rebel Mandalorian Sabine Wren how to use the Darksaber to help her win the favor of her people.

He embraced his Jedi Knight position once more and became a prominent member of the small group of rebels known as the Ghost Crew. He was a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic for the duration of the Galactic Empire. Unusually for a Jedi, Kanan has a blaster in addition to his lightsaber.

Jarrus finally died on Lothal around the time of the Battle of Yavin, having helped to save Hera Syndulla. Following his death, Jarrus joined the Cosmic Force and frequently materialized as Dume, a massive wolf-like beast that haunted Ezra. Long after Jarrus passed away, Rey, the only living Jedi, heard his sounds and found inspiration in him. 

Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber (Blue-bladed)

Save for those closest to him; Order 66 savior Kanan Jarrus kept his Jedi identity a secret. Since it would have been hazardous for him to wield a lightsaber in public during the Empire, he kept it on his belt in multiple places.

Kanan would only put his blue plasma-bladed lightsaber together when it was essential. He constructed a lightsaber the Jedi had never seen, complete with new functions. Instead of having a straight hilt, Kanan has a circular hand guard in front of the emitter. His lightsaber was split into two parts so he could carry it concealed on his belt and pull it out when needed. 

Quick Specifications of Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber

  • Prototype: Jedi Lightsaber, a classic weapon of the Jedi Order.
  • Type of blade: Single-bladed, the most common configuration for a Jedi lightsaber.
  • Popular Culture: connected to the Jedi Order, a group of peacekeepers that serve as the galaxy's defenders of justice and peace. 
  • Creator: Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi survivor of Order 66 and a central character in the animated series "Star Wars Rebels."
  • Construction date: The lightsaber was made before significant events in the Star Wars era, specifically before 19 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). 
  • Hilt type: Two-piece lightsaber, a design that allows the lightsaber to be disassembled for easier concealment or transport.
  • Blade type: Adjustable, suggesting that the user can modify the length or other aspects of the blade.
  • Crystal type: Kyber crystals are the traditional power source for lightsabers and are attuned to the Force.
  • Blade Color: Blue frequently connects to the Jedi, who are dedicated to promoting justice and peace and have a solid connection to the Force. 
  • Owners: Kanan Jarrus and later Arihnda Pryce, indicating a transfer of ownership that may have occurred under unique circumstances.
  • Usage: Lightsaber battle is used in combat situations against enemies of the Jedi Order.
  • Affiliation:
  • Jedi Order is the traditional affiliation for any Jedi lightsaber.
  • Galactic Empire, possibly indicating a period of conflict or a complex relationship with the Empire.
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic, a rebel group fighting against the Empire to restore democratic governance to the galaxy.
  • Depa Billaba's II battalion, a specific unit within the larger Jedi Order.
  • Phoenix cell, a small group of rebels within the Alliance, also known as Phoenix Squadron.
  • Spectre is a team within Phoenix Squadron, of which Kanan Jarrus is a part.

Construction And Functionality of Jarrus' Lightsaber

Kanan Jarrus, once known as Caleb Dume, created a lightsaber with a controllable blade length. When the weapon was being developed, his Jedi Mentor and the robot Professor Huyang were curious about its qualities, but they were content to heed the Force's instructions.

Jarrus kept this lightsaber hidden while the Galactic Empire ruled the world. Jarrus avoided the obvious Jedi sign-off of hanging it by the belt ring and instead put it directly on his belt as two separate pieces. Jarrus needed to twist to secure the emitter section and main body together.

The lightsaber also has a low-power setting to protect sparring partners during practice. In this instance, the blade had a very blue tint. 


Kanan Jarrus's Blue Bladed Lightsaber

When Kanan Jarrus was a young Jedi Padawan in the early years of the Republic, he constructed the lightsaber. When Order 66 was being carried out, Darth Sidious gave a secret order to kill every Jedi.

Billiba, Kanan Jarrus's teacher, instinctively withdrew her lightsaber and told her apprentice to leave the dangerous locati0n. Outnumbered, Billiba manages to reject as many clone troops as she can before being killed by a gunshot to the back. Her sacrifice gives Kanan Jarrus enough time to escape a similar catastrophe.

Jarrus spent years using a blaster instead of a lightsaber to stay hidden from the Empire's grasp. Jarrus always carries his lightsaber with him, even if he temporarily sets it aside and rejects the Jedi ways.

At first, he kept his lightsaber hidden on Janus Kasmir's ship, the Kasmiri. He decides not to wear a lightsaber on his belt to keep his Jedi identity a secret and avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Jarrus carries the lightsaber on his lower back when he becomes a Jedi again. He splits the hilt into two parts. The emitter is close to his left hip. 

Usage Of Kanan Jarrus Legacy Lightsaber

In Star Wars Rebels, Kanan Jarrus used a special lightsaber in many big battles until the sad end of the show. 

Ezra Bridger's Training

Kanan Jarrus not only trains Mandalorian Sabine Wren to wield a lightsaber, but he also serves as a mentor for Ezra Bridger. Kanan started using the saber more frequently only after meeting Ezra Bridger.

The lightsaber was not very powerful, so he used it to teach Ezra. Ezra learned well and made his own lightsaber that could also be used as a stun gun. Kanan's saber vibrated slightly louder in its training mode than the others and the blue hue of the blade itself was softer.

Major Feats

Duel With Imperial Security Bureau

Using his lightsaber, Jarrus challenged Agent Kallus to prove he was a Jedi. This startled the Imperial, who commanded his soldiers to concentrate their fire on him. Jarrus turned the fire away, giving the crew and the Wookiees a chance to escape Kessel. 

Face-off With Inquisitor 

Jarrus used Form III to engage the Inquisitor in a lightsaber combat in the Spire on Stygeon Prime. When they battled on Fort Anaxes for the second time, Kanan Jarrus lost consciousness.

When Bridger tried to utilize it, the Inquisitor soon overpowered him and used it with his own to block a gigantic Fyrnock that the Padawan had summoned. Jarrus grabbed it up as he ran. The Inquisitor took Jarrus's lightsaber upon his capture.

In their last meeting, the Inquisitor took Jarrus's lightsaber from his belt as a trophy, making him use his trainees instead. Bridger takes Jarrus's weapon during their fight and uses it to defeat the Inquisitor. For this, Bridger had called upon the Force. After Bridger was knocked down and thought dead, Jarrus found his lightsaber, killed the Inquisitor, and managed to escape together. 

Combat With Darth Maul and Darth Vader

Over the years, Kanan Jarrus has used the lightsaber against several adversaries, including Darth Maul and Darth Vader. Kanan Jarrus is a lifelong master of the lightsaber, even after he loses his sight due to an attack by Maul.

Duel With Different Enemies

In the early Rebellion, Jarrus battled enemies such as the Seventh Sister, the Fifth Brother, and the Eighth Brother. He used his lightsaber in these fights.

He battled his pupil with his lightsaber while momentarily under the influence of a Nightsister spirit. 

What Happened To Jarruss Kanan Lightsaber?

In their brief battle, Rukh rendered Kanan crippled, and in the end, Kanan had to utilize the Force to defeat Rukh. Rukh stole Jarrus's lightsaber from him right before he died. Not long after, Governor Arihnda Pryce discovered the lightsaber.

Governor Pryce wanted to give Kanan's saber to Grand Admiral Thrawn, a military leader who likes artifacts from different cultures. However, Pryce was never allowed to do so because the rebels launched their final attack on Lothal to end the Imperial occupation. Rigged to blow, Pryce opted to stay on board the retreating Imperial Complex and died in the explosion alongside it. Regretfully, there was probably also Kanan's lightsaber inside the structure. 

First Appearance:

In 2014, the Kanan Jarrus lightsaber appeared in the novel Star Wars: A New Dawn. 

Other Appearances:

It has been mentioned multiple times how good Kanan's blue-bladed lightsaber was. Among the many noteworthy appearances are: Who Are the Rebels? Star Wars games such as Force Arena and Galaxy of Heroes are part of the Star Wars universe. The Kanan comic series and Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion are also included in the Star Wars universe. 

Lightsaber Fighting Style of Kanan Jarrus 

Kanan has shown his skill and talent as a Jedi Knight by accomplishing feats that even Jedi Masters cannot match. He's shown a solid force connection, some understanding, and a fair amount of talent as a duelist. He is proficient in several lightsaber fighting techniques, such as: 

Form III/Soresu: Thanks to training from legendary Form III practitioner Depa Billaba, who emphasized applying the skill in close-quarters fighting, Kanan Jarrus was somewhat proficient in the form. 

Form V/ Demj So: Jarrus had demonstrated several times that he was skilled in Form V when dodging a blaster fire. He also showed a preference for the backhand grip. 

Jar'kai: Kanan demonstrated his Jar'Kai proficiency as well. He could attack opponents with two lightsabers, but on multiple occasions, he could mix close-quarters gunplay with lightsaber combat.

He taught Sabine a lightsaber technique lesson, so he adopted the Grand Inquisitor's one-handed fighting style. 

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