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Model: cere-junda-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONInspired by the saber used by Jedi Master Cere Junda in Jedi: Survivor, this is a new lightsaber hilt. It is a very sophisticated hilt with unique fabrication techniques and light wear.The revolutionary slide-out core technology in the hilt enhances its usability and durability.&n..
$429.00 $429.00
ezra bridger 2nd lightsaber ezra bridger 2nd lightsaber
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Model: ezra-2nd-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONThis lightsaber is Ezra Bridger's second. The hilt includes an accurate screen emitter for display, just like Rebels. Additionally, you can switch to the 7/8" emitter when inserting the blade is ready.This replica saber was expertly crafted with incredible detail and precision. Th..
$259.00 $379.00
kelleran beq lightsaber kelleran beq lightsaber
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Model: kelleran-beq-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONAs demonstrated in The Mandalorian, Master Kelleran Beq is Grogu's savior. He saved Grogu from certain death by defeating the 501st troopers on his own in the Jedi Temple. You can now purchase Master Beq's lightsaber with this new model.This is a replica sword that was expert..
$260.10 $289.00
mara jade lightsaber mara jade lightsaber
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Model: mara-jade-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONLegends' Mara Jade is a beloved figure. Before her salvation, she was the Emperor's Hand. She later married Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Praxeum. Years before the Mace Windu appearance and the prequels by George Lucas, the fandom adored her purple lightsaber.The revolutionary slide..
$229.00 $339.00
quick release coupler - vhc accessory quick release coupler - vhc accessory
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Model: quick-release-coupler
PRODUCT INFORMATIONThis new coupler with rapid release is a definite necessity. With just one click, you may use it to attach two saber hilts. Also, decouple them with a single click. This attachment is compatible with VHC devices.The thread size is standardized with the VHC system for many of our D..
$29.00 $29.00
Model: santari-khri-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONThis is an incredible new exclusive design inspired by Santari Khri's lightsaber in Jedi Survivor. This hilt is made of copper, stainless steel, and 24K gold plating. Because of this, the edition size could be limited based on demand.Santari Khri was a buddy of Jedi..
$499.00 $499.00
satele shan double-bladed lightsaber satele shan double-bladed lightsaber
-16 %
Model: satele-shan-double-bladed-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONA cherished figure from The Old Republic is Satele Shan, the former Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Her double-bladed lightsabers are a welcome addition to our inventory.This gorgeous build demonstrates Nexus's new production method for their higher-end lines. The hilt has a subtl..
$619.00 $739.00
the broken lord lightsaber the broken lord lightsaber
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Model: the-broken-lord-lightsaber
PRODUCT INFORMATIONThe newest 2024 lightsaber creation from Nexus Sabers: this unique model features the first rotating kyber crystal chamber.The emitter component, the control box's general appearance, and the saber's grip are strongly reminiscent of Darth Vader's. This original design ha..
$309.00 $389.00
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