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White Lightsaber


Did you know that the filmmakers initially painted all of the lightsabers in the Lucas Saga white during the filming of each movie?

Ralph McQuarrie then decided to tint the blades to reflect the moral status of the owner. Then, the rotoscoping method was used to color the lightsabers.

Thus, everything is no longer red and blue. Is it? There are black, green, and purple hues present.

Suddenly, the white lightsaber entered the scene. Therefore, every color represents a person standing firmly. What does a white lightsaber imply, then?

According to Dave Filoni, Ashoka's neutrality towards the side of the force is evident in his use of a white lightsaber. In 2008, he designed Ashoka Tano for "Star Wars: Rebels."

White is defined as the "middle ground" and has a distinct course. It is not precisely the "light" or "dark" side; it is more like the owner feels it is appropriate.

Continue reading to learn more about the history of the white lightsaber! 


Getting a Kyber Crystal from Ilium's frozen caverns is the usual way, but Ashoka's white lightsaber story is different. After the Mandalore siege, she left her green lightsaber at the grave she and Rex dug to deceive the imperials. That left Ashoka without a weapon.

Because of Order 66, the former Jedi hid underground in the Ahsoka novel by EK Johnston until she realized she had to take action to stop the Empire. Thankfully, a few years later, she saw the Sixth Brother, whom she had unintentionally murdered during their fight. Using his lightsaber, Ashoka performed the cleansing on her own. Ashoka was drawn to the red Kyber Crystal with such intensity that he could not put down the lightsaber.

After the crystal's impurities were drained away, Ashoka was blessed with a white, silvery radiance. The crystal chose not to emit the typical green radiation that would have been expected of a Jedi, instead matching Ashoka's attitude. 


While Ashoka removed the Kyber crystal from the double-bladed lightsaber of the impostor. Next, the hilt of the two uneven white lightsabers was fastened.

Ashoka gathered the majority of the scrap metal in the hilt during the years after the collapse of the Republic. Because of this, the first hilt was thrown together hurriedly during the combat. The bent hilts of Ashoka's lightsaber are another unique feature.

Later on, however, she enhanced the hilt by using refined materials. Ashoka thought the Kyber Crystal should have been in the appropriate hands as it had been taken from the Jedi Temple during the collapse. 


The white lightsaber was first connected to Ahsoka Tano in the Star Wars franchise.

Ahsoka Tano was the first Jedi pupil or Padawan to get direct instruction from Anakin Skywalker. She joined the Jedi Order as a youth and developed before and during the Clone Wars.

During her first mission and series debut, she aided Anakin Skywalker in commanding the Republic clone army against the Christophsis opposition droid army. She also saved Jabba Hutt's son Rotta during the same period.

Barriss Offee, a former acquaintance of Ashoka's, wrongly accused her of bombing the Jedi Temple. She was nearly brought to her imminent death. Ashoka felt discouraged and let down by the system and the Order's belief in her.

She possessed two green lightsabers at this point. One is shorter than the other. She had benefited from these lightsabers in several combat situations throughout the Clone Wars.

Subsequently, the Order apologized and said it would grant her Jedi Knight status. But Ashoka had lost hope and concluded that not every Jedi was a great person.

Ashoka staged her death by abandoning her lightsabers at the scene during the siege of Mandalore to escape the order and protect herself from the emerging Galactic Empire. For the next year, she hid on the planet Thabeska.

A few years later, Ashoka left the world and went by "Ashla," arriving on the moon Raada. She was employed there as a mechanic. To establish friends there, Ashoka also journeyed far.

But Raada didn't have to wait long for the Galactic Empire to find her and threaten her pals. Ashoka battled using rocks and mechanical parts up to that point. She needed a severe weapon right now. Fortunately, she assaulted the Sixth Brother, an inquisitor, when she came upon him.

Even though it was a crimson Kyber Crystal, Ashoka was drawn to the inquisitor's double-bladed crystal. Ashoka gave in to the crystal, yearning for a weapon.

Afterward, she used force to purify the crystal. After the "bleeding" has been stopped.

After a while, the crystal became white. Ashoka used the parts she had been gathering to turn them into two sabers and add a makeshift hilt. The debut of a new hue signified a significant milestone in the Star Wars canon, instead of succumbing to the "dark side" hue of red.

Ashoka has chosen a different route and has not changed. For this reason, the "Midway" is also symbolized by the white lightsaber. A neutral hue that does not blend in with the dark or bright. 


Ashoka knew that the Order was in danger and that the Galactic Empire was growing. She helped fight Raada by using her white lightsaber, and she was able to free her comrades who were imprisoned. She then assumed the role of the Folcrum and focused on drawing forward the lightsaber's hilt.

After fourteen years, Ashoka encountered the Specters and trained with them using her newly acquired weapon. In Hammertown, Ashoka used the white lightsaber to battle the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister.

Subsequently, she decided to return her new weapon to her lord. However, she could not have been prepared for what greeted her when she landed at the Lothal Jedi Temple.

The imposters struck in an attempt to find Maul while she was in the temple. After that, Tano and Jarrus formed a combat squad to take on the three inquisitors.

This is where the famous meeting between Anakin Skywalker, the master, and his erstwhile pupil took place. When Ashoka battled Darth Vader, she was thrown from the temple and thrust into a world that never existed. From that point on, Ashoka remained unaffiliated and unclassified as belonging to either the light or evil side.

Subsequently, she kept educating the rebels to resist Darth Vader in exchange for the white lightsaber. 


The most important question is why Ashoka's lightsaber took on an uncommon and distinctive hue. The crystal chose her course because of the power she spent to cleanse it. It was never Ashoka who allowed her emotions to control her. Given the Order's betrayal, she might have quickly joined the evil side but refused.

She could take retribution at the exact moment, mainly once she realized who Darth Vader was. However, no. She would show the other side of the force where she belonged.

Furthermore, Ashoka's reappearance in "The Rebels" made the character a significant representative. She notably won over fans, who wanted to see more of her. Every time she vanished, the fans adopted the "Ahsoka Lives" catchphrase as their rallying cry. It followed them through Clone Wars' demise, her supposed pivotal encounter with Darth Vader on Rebels, and her return in the series finale.

The forthcoming live-action TV series "The Mandalorian Season 3" will include more of Ashoka and her white lightsaber quest, whether for training on Grogu or pursuing Ezra! 


If you watched the whole series, you must have been waiting for the following words to emerge in the article.

Other people have utilized white lightsabers besides Ashoka. Though I am the only one who is well-liked for it! 


A whole army of White Knights that adhered to the white lightsaber was present under the Fel Empire. They were just as skilled as the Jedi, if not more so. Like Ashoka, they also ruled according to their philosophy rather than using force. They would even go so far as to train their minds to withstand the evil side's pull.

The second distinguishing feature of the imperial knights is their crimson armor paired with a white-bladed lightsaber. Despite having received force training, they refused to support the evil force. So much so that their ruler would be instantly cleared or restored to light should he become evil.

The force and their weapons were made similarly. But instead of using a naturally occurring lightsaber ore, they used an artificial crystal source.

It's also important to note that, in contrast to Jedi, Imperial Knights engaged in friendly combat or dueling with their lightsabers. Furthermore, it deflects the enemy's blaster blasts. They were sheathed to their belts and forearms while not in use.


There were two Jedi Knights before Ashoka Tano 200 years ago, at the heyday of the "High Republic," according to the Skywalker Saga. Both Jora Malli and Orla Jareni utilized white lightsabers that set them apart from one another.

How? See You Later. 


The acerbic and keen Orla Jareni is a new Jedi who was first shown in "Star Wars: The High Republic Show" and "Star Wars: Into the Dark," a novel written by Claudia Grey in 2021! Jedi Master Laret Soveral trained Orla Jareni as a padawan. It was Laret who taught her the methods of force. Furthermore, most Jedi Orla were raised under the tutelage of the Jedi Order.

Orla also became well-liked and trusted among the Jedi ranks quite fast. She was so crucial that to resolve the Eiram E'ronoch Crisis, she and another Jedi were sent to the outer regions. This is where you must ensure you see Orla Jareni wearing a white robe and holding a white lightsaber!

It's also worth noting that Orla Jareni's white lightsaber is unique in design. The design is distinct even if the hue resembles the few other white lightsabers. When Orla joined the Jedi and attained the rank of Jedi Knight, she proclaimed herself a "Wayseeker," much like Ashoka Tano. During her voyage to Beacon Space in the Outer Realms, Orla proved the white color theory correct by acting independently of the Jedi council.

The only thing in common now is white. Why? She wielded a rare white lightsaber with two blades and a hinge. She could bend her lightsaber into two parallel blades thanks to an inventive hinge in the hilt. 


Star Wars' Jedi Knighthood is still active today!

There is another canonical moniker for those who disagreed with the principles of The Order, such as Orla Jareni and Ashoka Tano. Regretfully, Jora Malli passed away at Kur Nebula much too soon in the run to make a lasting impression. She proved the white lightsaber notion to be true.

Jora Malli and Ashoka Tano have much in common, but not as much as most supporters want to emphasize. Even though Jora was a Jedi Master and a member of the High Council, she lacked self-control and preferred to procrastinate until solutions materialized. Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh said that she has several "Non-Jedi traits."

Like Ashoka, she was a Togratu woman who thought the force had no "Light Side." However, she also believed that the force unavoidably carried out the Jedi's actions. Finally, Malli left The Order behind.

Malli and Ashoka shared a white lightsaber of the same race and gender. Malli obtained her lightsaber from a Sith light spear, and, like Ashoka, she self-purified it to expose a white Kyber Crystal. Done initially out of curiosity, she eventually developed an attachment to it and installed the crystal in her primary weapon.

The golden cylindrical hilt of her white lightsaber had curved platinum handguards. Additionally, the curving design gave the hilt a winged appearance that reflected her personality. 


Episode 15 of "Star Wars Rebels" (Season 1) introduced Asoka's white lightsaber. The last episode of 2015's "Fire Across the Galaxy."

Ashoka's other appearances include : 

  • Forces of Destiny: "A Disarming Lesson" from Star Wars
  • Battle strategies from Darth Vader for Star Wars Rebels
  • "The Lost Commanders" from Star Wars Rebels
  • "Relics of the Old Republic" from Star Wars Rebels
  • "The Future of the Force" from Star Wars Rebels
  • “Shadow of Darkness” from Star Wars Rebels
  • "The Mystery of Chopper Base" from Star Wars Rebels
  • "Twilight of the Apprentice" from Star Wars Rebels
  • Junior Novel for Star Wars in The Mandalorian Season 2
  • The Path of the Force in The Mandalorian
  • Chapter 13 ‘The Jedi’ in The Mandalorian
  • The High Republic: Into the Dark
  • The High Republic: Light of the Jedi
  • The High Republic: The Fallen Star


Ahsoka will still use two lightsabers next time, including the white one. As ardent admirers, you must all be ecstatic to watch that in action!

Unless she forgot to bring back one of the white lightsabers from the ocean during her conflict with the Magistrate in "The Mandalorian." To learn more about her and the white lightsaber trip, let's hold our breath and wait for the next season, which is most likely scheduled for release in 2023. Until then, use your home's white lightsabers to spark your creativity! 


Are white lightsabers rare?

However, other hues, like purple and green, are relatively uncommon. But White outperforms them all. White lightsabers are unusual and seem connected only to Ashoka Tano and White knights. They are revealing to you the highly awaited power of the white lightsaber in every Star Wars series. 

Who uses a white lightsaber?

After she stopped the Kyber Crystal's "bleeding," Ashka Tano became the famous figure linked to the white lightsaber. She's also still the only one with the white lightsaber. 

What kind of Jedi have white lightsabers?

During the Clone Wars, Ashoka Tano was an adolescent canon or padawan who joined the order and trained with every Jedi. She had a lightsaber of her own, just like every Jedi. Later, she gave it up and utilized the white lightsabers she had won in combat. 

Is the color of the lightsaber important?

There wouldn't be many colors in the first place if the lightsaber's color didn't matter. Every hue denotes the character's moralistic aspect. Certain hues, like red and blue, are well-known and have precise meanings. Meanwhile, lightsabers in black, white, and yellow represent opposing positions on the force. 

Where do the lightsabers come from?

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