The Best 10 High Quality Neopixel Lightsaber Brands in 2024

Fans and collectors worldwide have developed a strong interest in lightsabers since the 1999 release of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Neopixel lightsaber technology, which emerged with technological advancements, fundamentally altered the appearance and operation of lightsabers. Enthused fans and expert collectors adore this technology since it brings the lightsaber's sounds and light effects closer to the strong impact in the movies. The ten top Neopixel lightsaber firms for 2024 will be chosen and presented in this article, along with a discussion of the advancements in technology and the lightsaber community.

Lightsaber types:

Baselit and Neopixel lightsabers are the two main categories into which the various kinds can be separated.

A Baselit lightsaber's blade is often a hollow tube filled with cellophane or another material that diffuses light. Depending on the diffusion, the light will be bright at the bottom of the blade and progressively go dimmer as you go up, but they don't light up the entire blade as evenly as the Neopixel blades do. Depending on price, Baselit lightsabers are available in two variants:

Stunt Saber: One color, no speakers or soundboard. An RGB controller board is an option available to some people for color changing.

Everyday Baselit slang for a sound knife often comes with speakers and a soundboard. RGB functionality is standard on all LGT/TXQ sabers, and over the past few years, many retailers have phased out monochrome sound knives.

Neopixel lightsaber. Neopixel Blade Lighting creates more complex effects like localized and responsive effects like shockwave blocks or tip drag, flames, rainbows, stripes, instability, smoke, waves, gradients, etc. using LED strips with internal individually addressable LEDs to simulate the rolling effect of the saber when powered on and off.

Best 10 Neopixel Lightsaber Companies to Buy

Company Country Founding Advantages Price Range

Sabertrio Malaysia 2016 Durability, customization, soundboards $350-1000

TXQ China 2018 Budget, variety, availability $150-500

CC Sabers USA Unknown personalize 、diversification $100-1000

SaberForge USA 2005 Variety, affordability, quality $150-600

Sabermach Singapore 2010 Dueling, customization, service $400-2000

Vader's Vault USA 2009 Quality, decisive battle $400-600

Korbanth USA 2017 Design, effects, quality $100-2300

Kyberlight USA Unknown Design, customization、duel $100-600

UltraSabers USA 2005 Customization, options $200-900

LaserPointerWorld China 2020 Budget, variety, availability $150-700


A popular lightsaber provider in Malaysia, Sabertrio, is well-known for its custom-designed hilts, some of which are modeled after hilts from fictional characters (such as Aeryn or Senza). It has received high praise for its excellent customer service and superb quality. Their lightsabers come in three different configurations, with triple Cree LEDs for illumination and in stunt and FX (with sound) variants.


TXQ Sabers uses an inventive modular hilt design to assure longevity and dependability in their mission to supply premium illuminated lightsabers to lightsaber enthusiasts on a budget. they are equipped with a Profffie V2.2 soundboard that offers a variety of sound and control choices. The impressive polycarbonate blade swings easily and has a vibrant color. TXQ's premier partner is CXSABER.

CC Sabers(USA)

New to the market, CC Sabers is based in Washington, USA, and is well-known for having the most excellent customer service and installation expertise. The company offers a variety of custom-designed lightsaber components, making it an excellent place to purchase DIY lightsaber parts. In addition to providing empty lightsaber hilts, they collaborate with many manufacturers to supply premium pre-made Neopixel lightsabers, giving users a wide range of choices.


Located in Oregon, USA, is the lightsaber manufacturing company SaberForge. Users rely on it because of its robust handles and wide range of programming choices. SaberForge offers various soundboards, including CFX, Profffie, and Golden Harvest. They also provide a large selection of accessory alternatives to users. Long delivery delays, though, are a worry.

Sabermach (Singapore)

Based in Singapore, Sabermach is a firm that specializes in replicas and unique designs. Because of their wide range of customization choices, they are the top option for customizers seeking dynamism and high-performance dueling capabilities. The Pico Crumble soundboard, entry-level soundboard, and Crystal Focus X feature of Sabermach's in-house manufactured Artisan line of sabers ensures the acoustic and practical diversity of lightsabers.

Vader's Vault (USA)

Vader's Vault is renowned for making sophisticated and robust lightsabers. Their VV unique sword hilts are all made with dueling in mind. By offering the original PlecterPixel lightsaber for sale in 2017, Vader's Vault introduced innovation to fans of lightsabers.


A well-known brand is Korbanth, which produces excellent lightsabers, models, costumes, and accessories. They are famous for their Graflex lightsabers but have also introduced a range of well-designed Neopixel lightsabers with superior light and sound effects. Because of its excellent quality and realistic cinematic realism, Korbanth is the preferred option for many lightsaber enthusiasts despite its comparatively high price. Korbanth is unquestionably a good option if you're looking for a sense of realism and top-notch customer service.


Kyberlight is distinguished by its distinctive lightsaber hilt design. Unlike other companies, they use a method that allows it simple to change the lightsaber's appearance by swapping out different parts instead of using a variety of hilts.


In the bespoke lightsaber market, UltraSabers is a well-known brand that provides a range of lightsabers to fit various tastes and applications. Their vast customization choices set them apart; consumers can construct their lightsaber from millions of combinations, selecting from various hilt styles, colors, and technological details. Because of this, many lightsaber lovers consider UltraSabers to be one of their favorite brands.


Due to its wide selection and excellent cost performance, LaserPointerWorld has garnered a lot of attention. As a well-known lightsaber manufacturer, LaserPointerWorld is dedicated to giving consumers a variety of alternatives, such as hilt designs, colors, and technological details so that they can tailor the product to their needs and tastes. Lightsaber aficionados like LaserPointerWorld because of its assortment of options.

In conclusion:

Neopixel lightsaber technology's breakthrough has transformed the lightsaber market and substantially improved the experience of lightsaber aficionados. These businesses always drive innovation in the sector, whether exploring personalization or realistic effects for motion pictures. We can anticipate seeing more incredible lightsaber goods as Neopixel technology advances. With this post, I hope readers will know more about Neopixel Lightsaber Company.