How To Make a Custom Lightsaber?

Do you wish you could wield your own lightsaber and harness the might of the Force? If so, you're in luck because creating one yourself is simple and reasonably priced.

With a few basic supplies and a little bit of homemade magic, we'll demonstrate how to create a custom lightsaber in this post. Check out our guide on creating a custom lightsaber whether you're a fan of the Star Wars film series or are just looking for a fun hobby to complete.

Items you'll require

Lightsaber blade

Laser pointer

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

PVC pipe (1 inch in diameter) or a sturdy piece of wire hanger Black electrical tape


Knife or a scalpel

Hole saw or a jigsaw

How to make the blade?

The most crucial component of a lightsaber is the blade, hence it must be made correctly. Five pointers for creating a personalized blade:

Begin with an item that already exists: You can always start with an existing object if you can't find an appropriate piece of plastic or metal. Just make sure that before you begin cutting, you measure the object's dimensions.

Use a plasma cutter or a laser cutter: These devices can cut extremely tiny plastic or metal parts. Just remember to abide by these machines' safety instructions!

Employ a soldering iron or a heat gun. These tools can be used to form the plastic or metal into the required shape. Remember that heat will cause the plastic or metal to expand and compress, so take care not to heat it too much!

Use sandpaper and wood glue: You may mold the blade into the appropriate shape with the aid of this combo. Just remember to sand down any extra adhesive after you're done!

Polish and shine it up: It's time to polish your blade when you've completed it. To restore the metal to its original beauty, use some polish and a polishing cloth.

How to make the hilt?

One excellent approach to give your saber some personality and distinction is to construct a lightsaber hilt. You can create a lightsaber hilt in a variety of ways, depending on what best suits your personal taste. These are four methods for crafting a lightsaber hilt.

Utilizing electrical wire and PVC pipe, create a basic hilt. This hilt can be adorned with paint, stickers, or even molding material.

Repurpose metal plates and screws to create a more ornate hilt. LED lighting, sound effects, or even a camera for capturing videos can be added.

Construct a hybrid design that incorporates PVC pipe and metal plates. This enables you to enjoy the flexibility of PVC with the strength of metal.

And lastly, 3D printing technology allows you to design a totally custom lightsaber hilt if you're searching for something very special. You may make any shape or design you want with this technique.

How to make the grip?

It is not too difficult to make the grasp. A hot glue gun, some foam, and a few pieces of wood are all you'll need. To begin, cut the foam into the required shape.

The foam should then be attached to the wood parts in a fashion that makes sense for your lightsaber using the hot glue gun. On top of the grip, you are also free to put any embellishments you choose. How is the reflector made?

To create a custom lightsaber, a reflector is required. This is the lightsaber component that reflects light back towards the blade, giving the impression that it is emitting light directly from it.

Creating a reflector can be done in a few different ways, but the simplest is to utilize an old CD or DVD. From the disc, cut out a semicircle shape with a hole in the middle. Make sure the hole in the reflector aligns with the edge of the lightsaber blade before adhering it to the front of the blade.