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Outdoor laser light projectors

Outdoor laser lights are an important optical tool that casts changing laser beams onto a display wall to produce beautiful moving images for amusement or business purposes. The outdoor laser light projector displays objects or light effects on surfaces or on projector screens. Projectors produce images by means of passing light through a tiny transparent lens, but some more recent models project visual images directly by utilizing lasers.

Outdoor laser lights are popular kind of projector in use today and may be used for both indoor and outdoor events. Greater light effects and amusement can be experienced by the outdoor laser light projectors. The list below are the examples of Outdoor Laser Light Projectors with their descriptions.


The 108 LED-Mixed Flashing Strobe Stage Light is super-bright and has a strobe lighting effect. This product has very great features to make events top-notch. It is very suitable for stage decorations, suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, KTV aisles, bars, Halloween parties, weddings, birthday party decorations, disco lights, etc. It has a simple guide button or remote control to grant easy access and enjoyment of the packaged features for better user experience.

With its benefits, you can alternate between auto strobe or voice-controlled strobe. It also has an adjustable stroboscopic speed feature.

The lamp is very bright to suit your occasion, easy-to-install, compact, and easy-to-carry. It can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

All this wonder and beauty sights of the night happen right there in your room and at your events! It's also an effective way of repelling insect pests disturbances. Other relevant packaged benefits are;

It is very simple-to-use. It has a lightweight and compact portable bracket for quick set up. It has a fan installed feature that works during the night to keep things cool to the touch. The sound option is automated and can be triggered by your preferred tunes while the beats work on the effects. The product’s protector is made with a high-grade plastic that helps to prevent damages and increase the use life of the product.


The design of the product is incorporated with high brightness, a broader projection viewpoint, and produces a more realistic impression. It is the best fit for both interior and exterior use as its designed features apply to both.

The desire to enjoy the amazing features locked inside this product is for everyone.

It delivers fun while reading in bed, relaxing, camping out at night, or putting the kids to bed.

Alternately, one can decide to use the automatic mode setting or select one of the 12 patterns and colors options. It has two light sources; one emits red laser light and the other blue laser light. The light spots may rotate in addition to the usual blink and static functioning modes because of the rotational motor installed inside the lamp.

This device will project vibrant lights that beautify the environment and is suitable for decorating events like weddings, birthday, camping meetings, etc. The experience this little projector makes available is limitless. It works continuously and saves energy even at night.

The light can only function effectively at night with the installed light sensors. However, to make it work during the day, cover the light sensor with opaque objects.

It can be used to project holiday images onto your ceilings and walls or as nightlight in your rooms. A tiny area may be illuminated by LED-binocular-laser projector light without being excessively bright. This is a great product designed for interior and exterior decorations.


For the lover of good music with vibes in a great and fun environment, this is a great product that will give those desired moments and experiences. This 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector

This 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector is a stage light with sound effects activated. The Projector is a useful assistant for any event, record, or live performance or show. It can be used to create the cool atmosphere you so desire and the moments you crave. It is the delight for every renowned professional DJ, to deliver quality service to audience.

The laser projector light during any event can cast several lovely designs and patterns onto walls, screens, and dance floors. Its features and delivery will be well appreciated by everyone in attendance because of its amazing effects.

You can use the remote control for the time setting and the activation of the sound in order to manage the user experience a few minutes.

In KTV, bars, dance studios, clubs, disco nights, birthday celebrations, weddings, banquets, and other event settings, this great product will create a vibrant fantasy laser world just for you. Furthermore, it is simple and quick to set up and use, even for those with no any prior experience.

It has an unrestricted flexibility and wide coverage.


The LED-Red-And-Green-Gypsophila Remote-Control-Laser-Light should be ordered by everyone that loves to have the best fun in parties. It has very amazing features that make it standout and suitable for the desired experience. Its unique features make the product last longer with an improved user experience. It has various functions for time, color selection, working modes setting, etc.

This laser light projector is very perfect and can be seen as an object of entertainment for your kids' parties and events. To create a romantic, soothing, and lively ambiance, projections can be made on the ceiling, wall, and dance floor.

It uses thousands of red-and-green dots to make phrases, patterns, and images. The size and the speed of the beam are adjustable to fit the event and to generate several fascinating shapes.

The product is user-friendly and the brightness of the laser light can be changed by the user by using the remote.

The memory in the Christmas light projector saves the settings for another use at another time. Order this product for weddings, Christmas parties, bar, karaoke, Halloween party, banquets, dance studios, music restaurants, theatres etc., to have better sights, moments and a good customer appreciation. It does not get corroded easily which makes it suitable for out-of-doors use. Furthermore, it uses less power, saves energy, very bright, and has a polished appearance.


The Outdoor Christmas Laser Light Projector creates a beautiful array of colored lights that will amaze everyone who sees it.

The outdoor waterproof Christmas two-in-one Laser Light Projector is a very portable, super bright, and durable product that can be used to show laser light in the day and as a Meteor Shower Night Light at night for your garden or backyard and other places. It is suitable for garden and home decorations to create very beautiful atmospheres.

It's a beautiful light projector that will create the magical moments and memorable experiences of your life.

It is highly resistant to water damages and suitable for outdoor use. Additionally, it uses less power, saves energy, high brightness, and has a polished appearance. Extra admirable specifications or features include creating a water pattern on the ceiling showing a snowflake pattern, high durability and safety, an integrated laser module for a more striking, appealing and real visual impressions, an outdoor waterproof design and a switch control function to enjoy spectacular displays light designs on your ceiling and walls.

The dual-purpose Christmas light projectors creates a beautiful display of animated lights and water patterns that the whole family can enjoy during the day or at night. It can be installed anywhere in or around your yard or garden to get an amazing show. It is very simple to use and operate.


Music restaurants, bars, conferences, KTV Aisle, dance studios, gyms, small stages, shows, etc will have a professionally designed environment, well configured by this product. This product is a 4-in-1 pattern spotlight with an adjustable high-brightness LED, a waterproof design, and a dynamic sound system control.

It can function as a laser light or LED projector, perfect for music as it can project laser or LED display performances at your events or occasions to create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere.

The product is a novel design of laser light projects. Its light output produces uniform lights with good color displays and an adjustable size multi-level aperture suitable for different environments. It has an exclusive color temperature feature, that can create a great atmosphere to serve thee user or audience.

Based on needs, you could choose one from the 4 available patterns at a time. It is highly exclusive to all nightclubs, dance parlors, and stage performances. This spotlight's high-power LED engine can produce thousands of thrilling dots that automatically cross each other, creating cool and elegant ambiance in your occasions.

The laser projector was created specifically for lighting effects and exhibitions. With the remote control, one can adjust the lightning, speed, brightness, etc.


This is a multi-purpose 4D Mixer Professional Stage Light projector, Strobe Controller RGB laser projector, DJ Sound Light Projector and a Colorful Disco Beam Lamp for bars, clubs, etc. This laser light projector can automatically follow the beats of your chosen music.

It is a 4D animation Laser light projector with different animated patterns and configurations. It has highlight lamp heads, a motherboard, and a dynamic voice control feature.

This product can assure your audience great excitement as it is highly suitable for bars, discos, dance studios, weddings, ballrooms, KTV private rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. It supports control options for strobe/sound control. The product is designed with high level craftsmanship and has a multifunctional bracket/handle design.

Use the 4D Mixer Professional Stage Light projector to give a unique atmosphere to parties and events.

The product may choose between different working modes, project magnificent colored lights and lasers on floor or wall, and produce a vibrant disco scene.

It can beautify your living room or bedroom with a lovely light show, create a romantic ambiance, and help people get along better.

Your Club, Parties, and Bar will enjoy a cool and amazing experience because it comes with changing effects and can automatically follow the beat of the music you choose. It is great product for nightclubs, pubs, gatherings, mobile DJs, etc.


Aesthetic environments and cool moments are not limited to clubs, parties, homes, disco studios, KTV aisle, and others but also to be experienced right there in your car personally or with your passengers.

If you desire a starlight-like roof or room and love to experience what nature offers right there in your car, get a hold of a USB car starlight-laser projector as it is the best suitable for your automobiles.

It has wonderful features to transform your automobile into an amazing planetarium by casting hundreds of stars onto the windshield!

The visuals or projections produce enjoyment. It can light up a starry sky and cause a fashionable night sky to appear in your automobile to illuminate your way while you drive with some driving funs. The product is really simple to use. It is integrated with a good light source and has a high brightness feature at low power consumption. It has a universal compact size so simple to use for computers cars, PCs, autos, interior decoration lights, emergency lights, decorative lights, and DJ lights with a power button.

The USB car light projector will give your automobile a whole new level of playfulness because of its several star modes. It can serve as a good gift package for family members and loved ones.

Other Feature:

Product dimensions: 25.5*45*49mm, and it weighs 0.302KG. It operates at 5V.

Product length: 26CM

Installation location: the armrest box's back.

Working temperature: -20C to 70C

The connection line: a USB socket.


With the product's waterproof design, customers can be shielded against electric shock and fire-starting short circuits. The 360-viewpoint enhances the brightness and the beauty raining lights. Every bulb comes up one by one in turn just like a meteor shower with good transparency, binging about a beautiful and distinctive show. The product has no limitations on time or space and is resistant to corrosion and very durable. It consumes less power and conserves energy.

It is suitable for indoor and exterior lighting, giving off the stunning shower impression and making your house appear to be covered in falling stars.

As one of the most intriguing features of winter to behold, can now be experienced within your home. This product delivers a cool and adorable winter experience into your home or desired location.

The meteor shower weatherproof light projector is a great for outdoor Christmas and holiday decorations. You can order it as a gift package for loved ones and family.

You can use these laser waterproof Christmas light projectors for different events. With the meteor weatherproof light effects, you'll be treated to a breathtaking show!

From research and feedback of our customers, the Shower Light Projector delivers the quality value among all the available meteor showers.


Maybe the projector is yours. Those that need help are welcome to come visit the website. Find a quick answer to the most important problem you are having.

How do I set up a Christmas light projector?

Read manufacturer instructions before following the directions. Depending on the specifications of the projector it might be necessary to measure an appropriate distance to the screen. The next steps involve adjusting the projection angle, sealing it and connecting the cords.

Can I project lights onto a tree?

Light can be projected on trees at various speeds and in different degrees of effectiveness. Light displays best on flat surfaces, something trees cannot. The movement of a lamp can be used to make a tree appear lit because the lights catch the branches constantly.

How many Christmas light projectors do I need?

Approximately ten Christmas projector sizes are required. Various projector sizes are available that cover 3900 square feet. Calculate square footage for displays, and get a projector that covers it. If the space is very large there may be several projectors.


The outdoor laser light projectors are excellent products, well fashioned for different occasions. It is important to possess them because of their great valuable features to lit your events and parties.

108 LED Mixed Flashing Strobe Stage Light 108 LED Mixed Flashing Strobe Stage Light
New -15 %
Model: 108-led-mixed-flashing-strobe-stage-light
Feature:Flexible Knob Control, Orange One Is For Turning On/Off And Auto Run, The Blue One Is For Speed And Sound Control.Equipped With 108 High Bright SMD5050 LEDs Bead Which Is High Bright, Energy-Saving, Cost-Saving And Long Service Life.Mini In Size And Light In Weight So That It Occupies Little..
$59.50 $70.00
12 Pattern LED Binocular Laser Projector Light 12 Pattern LED Binocular Laser Projector Light
New -20 %
Model: 12-pattern-led-binocular-laser-projector-light
Features:A distance of 5 meters can project a 60 square area300 square meters can be projected from a distance of 10 metersLED: RGBW four-color color optional red and blue laserOperation mode: automaticDimensions: 142mm*109mm*101mmShell material: ABSColour: Black.Power waterproof rating: IP44Lamp bo..
$111.20 $139.00
288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector Stage Light 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector Stage Light
New -20 %
Model: 288-pattern-animation-laser-projector-stage-light
Feature:Occasion: Professional Stage & DJItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: DMX Stage LightPower: 10WVoltage: 90-240VColor: blackLight Color: RGRemote Control: NOControl Mode: Auto/Voice Control/Strobe/DMX512Product Description:This DJ Disco Light 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector&n..
$284.00 $355.00
LED red and green gypsophila remote control laser light LED red and green gypsophila remote control laser light
New -15 %
Model: led-red-and-green-gypsophila-remote-control-laser-light
Feature:1. Unique temperature control design to perfectly protect the product and improve product life2.RG red and green two-color design, driving effect in stillness3.RF wireless radio frequency scheme, timing function, color selection, 3 different working modes selection design4. IP44 whole machin..
$75.65 $89.00
Model: micro-smoke-bomb
We are excited to introduce our new gender-revealing smoke bombs with discreet labels! The gender will be revealed with our high output smoke that lasts between 60 and 120 seconds once you pull the pin.It only makes sense to go all out for the celebration and reveal because this is a day you'll reme..
Outdoor waterproof Christmas two-in-one water pattern meteor shower light Outdoor waterproof Christmas two-in-one water pattern meteor shower light
New -15 %
Model: outdoor-waterproof-christmas-two-in-one
Product Description:Outdoor waterproof Christmas two-in-one Waterproof Laser Light Projector, which can be used as a Laser Light Show in the day time and as aMeteor Shower Night Light at night for your garden or backyard.Perfect for home and garden decoration, it is a wonderful light proje..
$92.65 $109.00
Professional 4 in 1 Pattern LED Spotlight Professional 4 in 1 Pattern LED Spotlight
New -15 %
Model: professional-4-in-1-pattern-led-spotlight
FeatureItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: MiniPower: 15Voltage: 90-240VProduct Description:4 in 1 pattern spotlight, high brightness LED, waterproof design.With the sound control system, can be used as laser light or LED projector music focus spot. Can project performances of laser or ..
$75.65 $89.00
professional 4D Mixer Stage Laser Light Projector professional 4D Mixer Stage Laser Light Projector
New -20 %
Model: professional-4d-mixer-stage-laser-light-projector
Feature:Occasion: Professional Stage & DJItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: DMX Stage LightPower: 12WCertification: FCCCertification: RoHSVoltage: 240VProduct Description:4D Mixer professional Stage Lights Strobe Controller RGB Laser Projector DJ Sound Colorful Disco Beam Lamp for Club ..
$231.20 $289.00
USB Car Starlight laser  projector USB Car Starlight laser  projector
New -15 %
Model: usb-car-starlight-laser-projector
Product Description:Drive your car under the starlight with the USB Car Starlight laser projector. It projects thousands of stars onto your windshield and turns your car into a spectacular planetarium!Do you love stars and the night sky? This super fun USB car starlight laser projector is ..
$51.00 $60.00
Waterproof Christmas LED Meteor Shower Lights Waterproof Christmas LED Meteor Shower Lights
New Hot
Model: waterproof-christmas-led-meteor-shower-lights
Product Description:Waterproof Christmas Meteor Shower Lights. Interior / exterior lights create a spectacular meteor shower effect and make your house look like it's falling stars. The meteor shower is one of the most interesting features of winter, and now you can perform this magic righ..
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