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dark black lotus lightsaber

dark black lotus lightsaber
dark black lotus lightsaber
dark black lotus lightsaber
dark black lotus lightsaber
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dark black lotus lightsaber
dark black lotus lightsaber
dark black lotus lightsaber
dark black lotus lightsaber

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dark black lotus lightsaber
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Conceived from the enthusiasm of bone ashes aficionados, this artifact is a quintessential accompaniment for cosplay, dueling enactments, and total immersion into heroic fantasies. For ardent admirers, this plaything stands as an emblem of their passion, far surpassing disappointment.

The pure, frosted metal construction boasts a convex, non-slip, and curved form, transforming it into a fashionable and aesthetic artistry, transcending its mere identity as a lightsaber. Its ergonomic design promises a grip that is both comfortable and intuitive.

The sword head, resistant to wear and highly transparent, radiates a luminous, uniform glow.

A metallic iris switch, incorporated into a peristaltic structural design, lends an air of exquisiteness, safety, and neatness.

A fusion of classic and avant-garde sound modes resides within this singular blade, offering many auditory effects at the wielder's command.

The Charge Breathing Effect is a testament to the aftermath of a fierce duel, allowing both the lightsaber and its master a moment of "breathing" – a meditation and strength renewal in anticipation of forthcoming combats.

A 39cm hilt paired with a 65cm blade culminates in an overall length of 104cm, providing ample scope for immersive play.
An array of five sound effects, plus a mute option, introduces diverse modes of engagement and entertainment.

FX Movie Sound replicates the auditory experience of cinematic battles, varying in response to distinct combat movements and impacts.

The Glowing Blade feature augments the realism of combat with light dynamics that shift in tandem with the battle.

The high-quality PC blade promises longevity and resilience.

USB charging compatibility ensures easy and convenient power replenishment.

RGB lightsabers offer a spectrum of 11 changeable hues, catering to various scenarios, and the FOC feature for combat-induced color shifts and flashes.

1 x handle
1 x blade
1 x USB charging cable

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