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Have you ever wondered about what you can do to make your party atmosphere fascinating, glamorous, and fun-filled while creating lifetime memories in the minds of people? The magical secret is the use of string lights. Yes! String lights will help light up all your events making them more exciting and fun. The amazing lighting of your party will create that ‘wow' atmosphere and add colors to your event. These sweet memories don’t fade in a hurry. Make some shopping deals with us as soon as possible while the stock lasts.

You cannot separate lights from both theme celebrations and informal social get-togethers, because aside from beautification, It captivates and mesmerizes people who turn up to celebrate with you with colorful string lighting, blue hues, fire pit and hanging decorations.

You may now be imagining which string lights you could use and which will suit your party. Don’t worry! We have your back on this. Interestingly, we have all kinds of string lights you would ever need or think of because we know the importance of these hanging lights.

We have high-quality LED laser projector string lights in different types and patterns with no few strands, which are best for birthdays, bedrooms, anniversaries, Halloweens, nightclubs, disco lights, Christmas parties, stage shows, home and bars setup and a host of others.

Features of our Outdoor String lights

Our lights have special power source, color options, and new products elements which are in line with special offers which sets us apart. That’s why our lights are very rare to discover or find elsewhere. We don’t just make lights for you, but we build unique LED light projectors to give your party that blaze and gleam. Some of our special features include:

1. Laser projectors:

it’s generally known that laser projectors is very valuable and advantageous. Laser projectors offer better and long lasting brightness which support uniformity and the brightness doesn’t decline compared to other bulbs. It doesn’t require much maintenance and provides improved color quality and spaces with better accuracy. Comparing with related lamb-based model, it has optimized performance with intelligent settings which is cost efficient and durable. Interestingly, all our party string lights have laser projectors with remote controls

2. LED Lighting for Outdoor Space

We offer new products of LED lighting products which doesn’t waste lights and with more useful lumens. LED lighting doesn’t emit heat and has energy efficiency which offers improved environmental performance with patio wedding light. It operates on a low voltage and has the capacity to dim with high degree of directionality. Choose our product today and enjoy these features.

3. Patterns Laser lights for Outdoor String Lights :

Our laser string lights are usually patterned in variety of forms with animations to create a special environment and moment. These patterns range from 48, 128, 64, 288, 36, to 240. These patterns emit lights in directions. We also have the Pattern light ball party star shower laser light projector which splashes bliss on people including the Rhythm recognition laser disco lights, which is very effective for nightclubs, dance parties, weddings and birthday parties and give color options including warm white color.

4. The sky night and ocean wave Bluetooth lights beautify the top of your party halls and suspend the string lights from the top in clubs and bedrooms to shine via the remote control.

Description of some of our party lights for decorations

Let’s examine some of our string lights you can use for your weddings, disco lights, birthdays, nightclub, dance parties, Halloween, and theme parties.

What we offer:

• Are you afraid that our string lights considering the special features could you a fortune to get? Interestingly, our prices are considerably cheap even with the unique features we develop in our decorations string lights because we want to give you the best and we want you to create long lasting memories of your evening events. You can check out our prices to see for yourself.

• Additionally, we offer discounted prices for all our products. So whichever string lights you need you will surely get a good discount on both the product price and shipping price with smiles on your face.

• We value communications with our customers that why we create room for questions on each of our product menus on our website for you to know more about the lights you should get for your events to suit your style

Product Description of Some String Lights

Mini Lighting Rhythm Recognition Light Laser Projector Description for Outdoor String Lights

Light up your party with this incredible multi-angle rotating laser projector which is perfect for a birthday, wedding, nightclub, stage and theme parties. As a stage lighting effect product, the lights moves with the music while the laser and LED change color quickly in the rhythm of the party music. This lighting has three different voice control models; the lyric voice control model, the dynamic voice control and the strong voice control model. These control models illustrate and reflect with different voices and lights while providing color options. The lyric voice control pushes to the party musical best while the dynamic and strobe voice control models work in changing color concurrently with the party music while blazing rapidly in a variety of color.

The hanging patio light LED bulb rotates in multi-angles and can be modified to suit you demand. It has USB compatibility which makes it user friendly and increases its lengths.


In terms of the product function analysis, the mini lighting rhythm recognition lights laser has the red pattern, green pattern, and dream, LED RGB, and red dream which enables and boosts more usage methods.

Model: recognition-light-laser-projector.

Voltage: 5V.

UPC: 767091172190

Item Type: Stage Lighting Effect.

Occasion: professional stage and DJ

2020 New Color Laser Projector String Light for Outdoor Space.

Special days like (Birthdays, Weddings etc.) requires special and warm celebrations that should create special memories. With the new color laser project decor, you can achieve this easily. If you desire to have a colorful and memorable birthday or wedding party? Choose our 2022 new color laser project wedding decor with a multi-purpose handle design that supports multi-control modes of both strobe mode and dynamic voice control. It can be hung or placed, or installed on the wall or the roof. It’s easy to use and install with a simple plug-and-play operation.

It can cover a large area with shots of lights displayed in different forms and shapes which offers a great option. It emits colorful shapes which change quickly to another. With an amazing laser, this product is compact and super powerful that it can meet more than 500MW, even during the day, with fast delivery ball fire. It radiates red, green and blue laser decor, covering a very wide area which is very thick with quality signal and economical. It's economical in the sense that it covers a large distance so you won’t need to buy too many lighting. It’s remote control has a good range and reach with quality decor effect. You can hang this outdoor strong lights product in any space you find suitable which the laser pattern will mix perfectly to achieve wider lengths and feet. Shipping this product is easy and especially with out free shipping fee.

Model: projector-light-for-birthday-wedding.

UPC: 767091172268

The 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector Stage Light to perfectly hang outdoor string lights

Do you love to fence round your stage with disco lights and string lighting? This is an intelligent animation laser light that creates a colorful fantasy laser world for your comfort and style. Are you organizing a stage party, and wondering how to give it a perfect and suitable decorations to suit your style and need? Be excited! Because this product is for you. With an intelligent animation lights, this product gives festive lights for your stage. It emits red and green laser light which provides the stage with cool and amazing colors and patterns. It produces animation effects everywhere in the stage and around it. The 288 pattern animation laser projector has a cooling system which offers efficient and active heat dissipation during use which doesn’t allow the projector to heat up. It’s product accessories include; and instruction manual, long power supply cables, foam board which protects the product, a remote control and a packing box. This product can be hung or hooked in the ceiling through it handle for better displays of animations and pattern. Another interesting feature among others mentioned above is this product's ability to produce amazing animation pattern which changes with a different lights effect of different heights. The lights effect is incredibly beautiful with an adjustable sizes to fit your space. The animation patterns of this product varies to include; elegant green and red rose flower, a glamorous dove, a Christmas trees with different colors, a dancing couple and lots more. Another interesting part of this product is the quality of laser light this product emits which is wide and bright with many special effects. With a 16.5cm length and 9.5cm height, the product is portable, compatible, easy to install and doesn't fall.


Occasion: Professional Stage & DJ Item

Style: DMX Stage Light.

Power: 10W.

Voltage: 90 – 240V

Color: Black

Light Color: RG

Remote control: No

Control mode: Auto/Voice.

Control/Strobe/ DMX512

3-in-1 Laser Scanning Lamb Projector for Outdoor Space.

Are you looking for hilarious and joyful lighting for your bedroom, nightclub, stage performance, KTV/ bar, and birthday and wedding parties? then you ought to get this product which provides the easiest way to adopt multiple scenarios to make your party unique, fantastic and enjoyable. You will be amazed to find out that you can set the light effect you want, for your bars, shop, house, disco, DJ playing, stage and KTV, to suit the purpose of using the product.

This product has a laser, pattern and strobes mode which is why it’s called “3-in-1” product. It’s called a scanning lamb because the voice control and the DMX modes comes with an outward microphone that has the capacity to pick up any external sounds where it originates from, or speakers around and automatically match and harmonize with them from every corner.

With this remarkable product, you don’t worry about its durability and efficiency because it has a high-quality power fan cooling feature in the product for good heat dissipation. There is a forced fan cooling spot in the product which blows out heat in the product so it doesn’t heat heated up. So it doesn’t matter how long you use this product, your 3-in-1 laser scanning lamp projector will always function well and efficiently because it will always be cool.

Another feature of interest and significance is this product's master-slave feature button which will help you set up and assign your design to suit your desire; Yes! You can make large angle scanning. It doesn’t just have light for lighting’s sake, but it emits quality and wider distance light which will cover your stage and make it wider. By quality laser light emission, it means, that the product light doesn’t come with dangerous rays which could be harmful to the eyes, but emits safe and cool lights you can stare directly into without having to feel discomfort in the eyes. That is why this product is recommended to be best for hotels, home use, indoor and outdoor event garden, weddings, nightclubs and birthday Its laser delivers a very clear, brightened and colorful light projection with a simple pattern. So if you want to create extraordinary light effects for your event garden, the 3-in-1 laser scanning lamb projector will take care of this need.

It is generally noted that products with special features are usually complicated and doesn't fall off, but it might interest you to know that this product is a plug-and-play, simple and accessible projector which is easy to install and use.

This product has the following functions; the red lines which is for the LED strobe control, the blue lines for the stage laser control and the red and green and warm white lasers in the middle of the product for pattern designs. Red, green and purple see the mild colors which this product renders and transmits.

Product parameters: This wonderful party product is multifunctional and dynamic and it is made up of a switch, menu, DMX out, up and down navigation menu, enter button, the cooling fan, display button, power in and DMX in button.

Size: It’s noted for its portability and uniqueness. It can be easily moved, hung or placed in a small space. It has a 13cm handle size, 9cm of width and 28cm length.

Power: 36w

Model: ysh

Strobe source: 12V flip-chip white light beads.

Control channel: 12 DMX-512 signal channels.

Control mode: DMX-512 signal control sound auto and master-slave mode

UPC: 767091172282

Scanning system: high-precision stepper motor.

Hurry now, fill your party outdoor space with string lights at night and celebrate with friends and team.

 Mini Lighting Rhythm Recognition Light Laser Projector  Mini Lighting Rhythm Recognition Light Laser Projector
New -15 %
Model: mini-lighting-rhythm-recognition-light-laser-projector
Product Description:Three different models of the voice control light show with different voices and lights. Our lyric voice control model moves to the beat of the music, our dynamic voice control model changes colors along with the music, and our strobe voice control model flashes qu..
$75.65 $89.00
 Sky Night and Ocean Wave Bluetooth light For Bedroom  Sky Night and Ocean Wave Bluetooth light For Bedroom
New -23 %
Model: sky-night-and-ocean-wave-bluetooth-light-for-bedroom
FeatureMOVABLE AND MULTICOLORED LIGHTING EFFECT: different color and various pattern changing ensures you can enjoy the wonderful lighting effect.FLEXIBLE CONTROL: Sound activated, autorun working, DMX512, master-slave, remote control, raising atmosphere easily. Remote control within 8 meters brings..
$45.65 $59.00
 USB Bluetooth  Colorful  Music LED Projection Lamp  USB Bluetooth  Colorful  Music LED Projection Lamp
New -15 %
Model: usb-bluetooth-colorful-music-led-projection-lamp
Product DescriptionLet this 2022 new USB bluetooth sound party light colorful RGB music LED projection lamp DJ disco ball for home birthday KTV bar decorate bring you the fun, let your stage be more colorful. This LED projection lamp is able to project many kinds of patterns on flat surfac..
$75.65 $89.00
108 LED Mixed Flashing Strobe Stage Light 108 LED Mixed Flashing Strobe Stage Light
New -15 %
Model: 108-led-mixed-flashing-strobe-stage-light
Feature:Flexible Knob Control, Orange One Is For Turning On/Off And Auto Run, The Blue One Is For Speed And Sound Control.Equipped With 108 High Bright SMD5050 LEDs Bead Which Is High Bright, Energy-Saving, Cost-Saving And Long Service Life.Mini In Size And Light In Weight So That It Occupies Little..
$59.50 $70.00
128 Patterns Laser Light Projector 128 Patterns Laser Light Projector
New -15 %
Model: 128-patterns-laser-light-projector
Feature:Occasion: Home EntertainmentItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: MiniPower: 18WCertification: CECertification: FCCCertification: RoHSVoltage: 90-240VVoltage: 12VPower Consumption: 10WShell Color: BlackLight Color: Red green blueRemote Control: YESControl Mode: Auto/Voice con..
$84.15 $99.00
2022 New Color Laser Projector  Lights  For Birthday Wedding 2022 New Color Laser Projector  Lights  For Birthday Wedding
New -20 %
Model: 2022-new-color-laser-projector-lights-for-birthday-wedding
Feature:Certification: RoHSItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: DMX Stage LightPower: 30WModel Number: Y516#9056Voltage: 90-240VProduct Description:This DJ Leisure Remote Control Animation Lamp Home Stage Lights DMX Sound 10W Power Dynamic Laser Projector Party Scene Lighting is a perfect&nbs..
$184.00 $230.00
288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector Stage Light 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector Stage Light
New -20 %
Model: 288-pattern-animation-laser-projector-stage-light
Feature:Occasion: Professional Stage & DJItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: DMX Stage LightPower: 10WVoltage: 90-240VColor: blackLight Color: RGRemote Control: NOControl Mode: Auto/Voice Control/Strobe/DMX512Product Description:This DJ Disco Light 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector&n..
$284.00 $355.00
3 in 1 Laser Scanning Lamp Projector 3 in 1 Laser Scanning Lamp Projector
New -20 %
Model: 3-in-1-laser-scanning-lamp-projector
Feature:Voice Control & DMX ModesVoice Control (Basic) - This device features an external microphone that is sensitive enough to pick up any external sound source or speaker and automatically sync with it!DMX/ Master Slave (Recommended/Advanced) We recommend using a DMX 512 connection/ Master ..
$238.40 $298.00
36 Par Sound Control Stage Laser Light 36 Par Sound Control Stage Laser Light
New Hot -15 %
Model: 36-par-sound-control-stage-laser-light
FeatureInput voltage: AC110~240,50Hz/60HzProduct power: 30WPower supply mode: plug-inMusic mode: noneBluetooth number: noneProduct color: blackSingle size: 19.5*18.5*9.8cmSingle weight: 0.85kgFCL weight: 14.9kgA complete set of accessories: color box*1, lantern*1, power cord*1, remote control*1, man..
$75.65 $89.00
48 Patterns Light ball party Star Shower laser Lights projector 48 Patterns Light ball party Star Shower laser Lights projector
New -15 %
Model: 48-patterns-light-ball-party-star-shower-laser-lights-projector
FeatureInput voltage: AC110~240,50Hz/60HzOutput voltage: 6W Power supply: plug-in Product color: blackProduct power: 532nm green laser, 650nm red laserSingle weight: 0.6kg Single size: 19*14*8.3cmOccasions: KTV boxes, stage performances, bar karaoke bars, wedding commercials, family festivals'Projec..
$84.15 $99.00
6 Beam 64 Pattern LED Laser Laser Projector For Christmas 6 Beam 64 Pattern LED Laser Laser Projector For Christmas
New -15 %
Model: 6-beam-64-pattern-led-laser-laser-projector-for-christmas
FeatureItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: DMX Stage LightPower: 12WVoltage: 90-240VProduct Description:Bring your party to life with our disco light. No matter where you are or what kind of party you're throwing, this laser light transforms any room into a fun and festive atmosphere. Comple..
$75.65 $89.00
9-Eye Beam Sound Control Party DMX Laser Projector 9-Eye Beam Sound Control Party DMX Laser Projector
New -20 %
Model: 9-eye-beam-sound-control-party-dmx-laser-projector
Feature:Occasion: Professional Stage & DJItem Type: Stage Lighting EffectStyle: DMX Stage LightPower: 10WCertification: CECertification: FCCCertification: RoHSVoltage: 90-240VCOLOR: blackProduct Descriptiion:With the 9-eye beam sound control party lamps, you can enjoy a wonderful laser show..
$111.20 $139.00
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