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Model: darksaber-lightsaber-clone-wars-version
The Darksaber as seen in The Clone Wars is now available in this Standard baselit version only. This saber is not suitable for dueling due to its flat blade. Avoid fighting with it because it isn't designed for that and will break. This saber is only available in Standard configuration, with a base..
$259.00 $259.00
darksaber lightsaber - the mandalorian version darksaber lightsaber - the mandalorian version
-36 %
Model: darksaber-lightsaber-the-mandalorian-version
The Darksaber as seen in The Mandalorian is our brand new 2023 addition to the catalogue. And it's available in Xeno3 and Proffie. This saber is not suitable for dueling due to its flat blade. Avoid fighting with it because it isn't designed for that and will break. This version includes an ex..
$319.00 $499.00
darth maul double-bladed lightsaber - empire era darth maul double-bladed lightsaber - empire era
-28 %
Model: darth-maul-double-bladed-lightsaber-empire-era
Darth Maul had another less known lightsaber design seen in Rebels and Solo. It is clearly made out of Inquisitors parts and boasts this very agressive design. This a new model, out in November 2022. It contains two emitters and two blades yet functions as a single saber with a single electron..
$359.00 $499.00
darth maul double-bladed lightsaber - epi darth maul double-bladed lightsaber - epi
-47 %
Model: darth-maul-double-bladed-lightsaber
Darth Maul double bladed' lightsaber staff is plain awesome. And as amazing as it sounds, you get two fully independent lightsabers in this package ! Simply use the saber coupler that's included and you can then attach the two lightsabers together. They'll always work independently in terms of elec..
$329.00 $619.00
darth rey double-bladed lightsaber darth rey double-bladed lightsaber
New -24 %
Model: darth-rey-double-bladed-lightsaber
Darth Rey double-bladed saber is one of a kind. The two handles work side by side and switch to become a full double bladed staff. As seen in The Rise of Skywalker.  The two locations for the hilt may be locked into place. While the hinge mechanism is undoubtedly cool and robust enough for stu..
$439.00 $579.00
darth sidious lightsaber darth sidious lightsaber
-28 %
Model: darth-sidious-lightsaber
Darth Sidious is by far the meanest villain is all of Star Wars. His lightsaber, as we discovered it in Revenge of the Sith, is classy and sophisticated. In comparison to most, it is a fairly small hilt. It makes sense because it was primarily a concealed weapon for someone who didn't like to ..
$359.00 $499.00
darth vader lightsaber darth vader lightsaber
New -28 %
Model: darth-vader-lightsaber
Darth Vader's lightsaber is one of the most sought after and recognizable weapons in movie history. Own it and join the Dark Side ! The lightsaber in the Original Trilogy was built using a Graflex flash tube, just like Anakin's saber. Vader simply has a larger hilt.This hilt is made of aluminum 606..
$359.00 $499.00
ezra bridger first lightsaber ezra bridger first lightsaber
-26 %
Model: ezra-bridger-first-lightsaber
This saber is inspired by Ezra Bridger's first lightsaber as seen in Rebels. The young padawan built this lightsaber with a unique ability to transform into a stun blaster. This is a saber replica, custom built with a tremendous precision and detail. Like all of our amazing sabers, this hilt ..
$409.00 $549.00
grand inquisitor double-bladed lightsaber grand inquisitor double-bladed lightsaber
-19 %
Model: grand-inquisitor-double-bladed-lightsaber
The Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber as seen in the new TV Series Obi-Wan Kenobi and in Rebels.The ring folds and unfolds to mimic the two different hilt styles worn by the Grand Inquisitor. Unfortunately, the saber won't spin, but if you're up for it, there's a fantastic instruction for really sk..
$579.00 $719.00
kanan jarrus lightsaber kanan jarrus lightsaber
-29 %
Model: kanan-jarrus-lightsaber
Kanan Jarrus' lightsaber as seen in Rebels is now yours for the taking. Ezra's master built his saber to be easily concealed in multiple parts, so to avoid to be seen as a Jedi. This saber replica was made specifically for you with incredible care and attention to detail.This hilt is made of a..
$339.00 $479.00
kylo ren lightsaber kylo ren lightsaber
New -19 %
Model: kylo-ren-lightsaber
Kylo Ren's lightsaber is one hell of a design, with the crossguard style and the unstable laser. We are pleased to give you our Kylo-inspired saber, which comes with 3 neopixel blades (two for the crossguard and one for the main blade). The hilt of this magnificent sword is made of aluminum 6063, j..
$429.00 $529.00
leia organa lightsaber leia organa lightsaber
-28 %
Model: leia-organa-lightsaber
Leia was strong with the Force and we finally got to get a glimpse at her Jedi training and her lightsaber. One of the most complex designs, and we believe we've got it just right here! A lovely serenity. The hilt of this magnificent sword is made of aluminum 6063, just like the rest of them. Every..
$359.00 $499.00
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