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Leia Lightsaber

Fascinating Facts About Princess Leia Lightsaber

Princess Leia Organa utilized a variety of lightsabers during her time as a Jedi. Like her gorgeous and intelligent nature, Leia's lightsaber is essential to who she is.

When Leia Organa Solo joined the New Jedi Order and discovered she was Force-sensitive, she extensively utilized lightsabers. Her twin brother Luke Skywalker crafted her first lightsaber during the Thrawn campaign in 9 ABY. Mara Jade used the green blade of her first lightsaber to kill Luke Skywalker, a genetic clone of the Jedi warrior. She also used it to kill Joruus C'baoth.

Later, she used Nam Chorios as a weapon with a yellow blade to battle and kill the fallen Hutt Jedi Beldorion. Her twin brother Luke Skywalker gave her a lightsaber with a ruby-red blade in 18 ABY.

Star Wars fans did not know that Princess Leia was a lightsaber user until they saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Digitally created flashbacks in The Rise of Skywalker claim that Luke Skywalker outskilled his sister. The most important weapon was her fourth one. She commanded a blue-bladed lightsaber she used during and after the Swarm War. 

Princess Leia Organa – Star Wars Fiction Fictional Character

One well-known fictional figure from the Star Wars universe is Princess Leia Organa. She has a significant role in the first three Star Wars films. Return of the Jedi reveals that she is the twin sister of Luke Skywalker and, thus, the daughter of Darth Vader.

Carrie Fisher portrays the character in the Star Wars movies. She appears in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Star Wars Holiday Special.

In Revenge of the Sith, Padmé gives birth to Luke and Leia in Polis Massa. She rises to prominence in the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, and eventually the Galactic Alliance.

Princess Leia had doubts about her Jedi training. She learned many Force techniques and became a skilled Jedi Knight in 36 ABY with Luke's guidance. After joining the New Jedi Order, she practiced her lightsaber skills to deflect blaster shots from enemies. 

Leia Organa Solo’s Lightsaber

Specifications at a Glance

Technical and Physical Parameters

  • Crystal Type: Kyber crystals and other crystal varieties used in lightsabers are included in the general phrase "lightsaber crystal." These crystals, tuned into the Force, determine the hue and other characteristics of the lightsaber blade. 
  • Blade Color: It's uncommon for a lightsaber to have various blade colors. The utilized crystal usually decides a lightsaber's single-blade color.
  • In Star Wars, lightsabers can have different colors. This is achieved by using various crystals or other methods. Typically, lightsabers only have one color.
  • Green is frequently linked to a powerful bond with the living Force and a hue many Jedi have worn throughout history. 
  • Yellow: usually linked to a more combative or defensive posture and renowned for its capacity to breach adversaries' defenses. 
  • Red: Traditionally associated with the Sith and the dark side of the Force, although not all red lightsabers are used by Sith. Red can also be a color chosen by Jedi for specific reasons.
  • Blue: Often signifies peace and serenity and is a color chosen by Jedi who value these qualities.

Construction Information

  • Creator: One of the last remaining Jedi of his era, Luke Skywalker is a pivotal character in the Star Wars narrative. He was Leia Organa Solo's twin sister and the son of Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader. 
  • Model: Lightsaber, a general term for the weapon used by Jedi and Sith, though it does not specify a unique model or design.
  • Type: Single blade, the standard configuration for a lightsaber, provides a focused combat weapon.
  • Culture: The Jedi Order is a group of wise and skilled users of the Force that protects peace and stands up for the Galactic Republic. 
  • Construction date: 4ABY (After the Battle of Yavin), which places the creation of this lightsaber after the events of "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope."
  • Owners:
  • Leia Organa Solo was the leader of the Rebel Alliance and later became a general in the Resistance. It was also discovered that she was somewhat sensitive to the Force and that her brother, Luke Skywalker, had trained her as a Jedi. 
  • Luke Skywalker's wife was Mara Jade Skywalker, a talented Jedi and former Emperor's Hand. She was famous in the Expanded Universe, now called "Legends," and played a key role in rebuilding the Jedi Order. 
  • In official Star Wars stories, Mara Jade usually doesn't have a lightsaber from Luke Skywalker. Mara Jade was a Jedi and a lightsaber wielder in the Expanded Universe. 

Princess Leia’s Blue-Bladed Lightsaber


Princess Leia Organa Solo's lightsaber has a blue blade. She used it while learning as a Padawan from her brother, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.

Leia constructed her Jedi weapon following the Battle of Endor and employed it during multiple battles with Skywalker. Leia Organa stopped training as a Jedi when her son, Kylo Ren, died. She gave her lightsaber to Luke Skywalker.

Quick Specifications Of Princess Leia’s Blue-Bladed Lightsaber

  • Prototype: Jedi Lightsaber follows the traditional design rules of the Jedi Order's favorite weapon. 
  • Model: Lightsaber is a general term that doesn't specify a unique model but indicates it's a weapon Jedi uses.
  • Type of blade: Single-bladed, the standard configuration for a Jedi Lightsaber, providing a focused and direct weapon for combat.
  • Popular Culture: connected to the Jedi Order, a galactic peacekeeping and justice-defending organization. 
  • Creator: A prominent figure in the Star Wars story and a descendant of the Skywalker family is Leia Organa. It was discovered that Leia was somewhat sensitive to the Force and trained as a Jedi under her brother, Luke Skywalker. 
  • Built in 4 ABY, this lightsaber was made after "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope."
  • Shape of Hilt: Straight and Cylindrical, a classic design that allows for a comfortable grip and efficient use in combat.
  • Crystal type: Traditional lightsaber crystals called "kyber crystals" are tuned to the Force and can be used to identify a blade's color and other characteristics. 
  • Blade Color: Blue is often associated with Jedi who are committed to peace and serenity and have a solid connection to the living Force.
  • Owners:
  • Leia Organa, the leader of the Resistance, utilized the lightsaber during her quest after completing Jedi training. 
  • Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi Master, trained Leia and shared his knowledge and skills with Rey. 
  • Rey, who had special powers, trained with Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. She played a key role in fighting the First Order. 
  • Usage: Lightsaber battle for engaging in combat against enemies such as the forces of the Empire and the First Order.
  • Affiliation: Jedi Order and the Resistance, showing the lightsaber's role in the ongoing struggle against tyranny and the galaxy's defense of peace and justice.

Construction Of Princess Leia’s Lightsaber

Leia Organa's lightsaber powered the blue plasma blade with a kyber crystal in the hilt's center. The weapon was considered a piece of art. It had elegant symmetry and colors that reminded people of Organa's Alderaan heritage. The weapon was copper and silver in tone, with inlays of mother-of-pearl.

The lightsaber's slender neck and ringed emitter resembled his brother's Luke Skywalker green blade. Curved metal handles encircled the center of the saber, around the crystal heart that powered the blade. 


After the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Organa trained with her brother Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Knight, on Ajan Kloss. She practiced using her lightsaber for combat and sharpened her talents while serving as her twin brother Luke Skywalker's first Padawan.

Organa, hoping to change Luke's mind, presented him with her lightsaber, asking that it be given to a worthy student later. While Luke Skywalker hoped his sister would eventually begin her training. However, Skywalker kept the lightsaber and refrained from telling her sister where he kept it.

Upon expulsion from Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker kept the weapon in his hut and took it. Luke kept Leia's lightsaber, intending to give it to a deserving recipient. 

Use Of Leia’s Lightsaber By Rey

The Force ghost of Luke Skywalker gives the Leia Organa lightsaber to Rey. She brings it to face Palpatine at Exegol, which helps save Ben Solo as he doesn't have his lightsaber. Ben receives Anakin's saber from Rey via the Force dyad link, and she immediately lights Leia's.

She used Anakin's lightsaber and Leia's lightsaber to block Sidious's Force lightning. She was alone in the fight against Palpatine. She ultimately defeated him. 

What Happened To Star Wars Leia’s Lightsaber?

After Skywalker's death, Rey receives Organa's lightsaber because he thinks Organa would want the Jedi apprentice to have it. This was based on his Force spirit. In the Battle of Exegol, Rey defeated Darth Sidious by reflecting his Force lightning back at him with two lightsabers.

Following the First Order–Resistance War's conclusion at the Battle of Exegol, Rey arrived on Tatooine. Rey buried the two lightsabers of her masters, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. She placed them at the Lars homestead, where the Skywalker family used to live.

After the Battle of Exegol, Rey buried the famous lightsaber on Tatooine. Tatooine is the desert planet where Anakin and Luke Skywalker lived. The lightsaber belonged to Leia Organa. 

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