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the newcomer lightsaber the newcomer lightsaber
-27 %
Model: the-newcomer-lightsaber
The Newcomer is part of our entry range lightsaber. Simple in design, subtle and perfect for dueling. Simple to use, comfy, and attractive. The Newcomer will undoubtedly be an excellent lightsaber for the duelists among you. Your hilt comes in a variety of color styles. Make it your own b..
$109.00 $149.00
the perseverance lightsaber the perseverance lightsaber
-41 %
Model: the-perseverance-lightsaber
Earlier in 2023, the Perseverance rover dropped three odd-looking sample tubes on Mars. And, well, they did resemble lightsabers. So, there you have it. This white and gold, clean and futuristic style is also reminiscent of the High Republic. So why not use it to create a High Republic Jedi cosplay?..
$199.00 $339.00
the protector lightsaber the protector lightsaber
-27 %
Model: the-protector-lightsaber
The Protector is an original take to a classic lightsaber design but well thought-out for dueling. The hilt remains slick and easy to manipulate. A decent dueling saber should be easy to twirl and hold. A nice design is also important, and this model is similar to the Anakin/Vader saber style...
$109.00 $149.00
the republican lightsaber the republican lightsaber
-22 %
Model: the-republican-lightsaber
The Republican is a simple hilt with a more intricate style ! It is a slightly more finished lightsaber design compared to our entry models and you are going to love it. The button and charging port are located at the top of the hilt, like with the majority of our dueling sabers. This one..
$139.00 $179.00
the revan lightsaber the revan lightsaber
-33 %
Model: the-revan-lightsaber
The Revan is a beautiful chic lightsaber, inspired from Darth Revan's design. The shiny stainless steel look with golden details on the emitter will win you over ! This lightsaber has a unique, stylish hilt that extends from the pommel to the emitter. Compared to the other known design of Reva..
$139.00 $209.00
the sailor moon lightsaber the sailor moon lightsaber
-11 %
Model: the-sailor-moon-lightsaber
This amazing saber is inspired by Sailor Moon's scepter and it comes loaded with the very sought after Sailor Moon font, now available on all Xeno3 boards. You'll be astounded by this lightsaber's unique appearance. It's not the most useful dueling saber per se—more of a replica—but we still adore ..
$339.00 $379.00
the skywalker lightsaber the skywalker lightsaber
-15 %
Model: the-skywalker-lightsaber
The Skywalker is a revisited version of Luke's lightsaber. It takes inspiration in its design and keeps the big bulky button away so that you can have a comfortable grip and duel with it. For those who have a deep connection to Master Luke, this is the ideal cosplay and dueling saber. Because ..
$229.00 $269.00
the slick lightsaber the slick lightsaber
New -27 %
Model: the-slick-lightsaber
The lightsaber for the minimalists ! The Slick is as the name says : simple, minimalistic and smooth. In addition to having a stunning appearance, it is also a very useful lightsaber and a unique choice in contrast to our other models from our basic line.This hilt is made of aluminum 6063, just lik..
$109.00 $149.00
the smaul lightsaber the smaul lightsaber
-38 %
Model: the-smaul-lightsaber
The Smaul is a double-bladed lightsaber with a standard-sized hilt based on Darth Maul's distinctive design. We are quite proud of our name.We even like the idea of a distinctive openwork emitter design on both sides. This has to be the best dueling lightsaber on the market. The hilt contains a sing..
$179.00 $289.00
the solstice lightsaber the solstice lightsaber
-20 %
Model: the-solstice-lightsaber
The Solstice lightsaber is one of our most unique looking hilts. Single or dual color, choose your style with this slightly longer than usual hilt. If you choose the regular or stunt blade, this is a more complicated design that is perfect for dueling. With our additional covertec wheel m..
$159.00 $199.00
the trooper lightsaber the trooper lightsaber
New -17 %
Model: the-trooper-lightsaber
Stormtroopers don't carry lightsaber but if they did that's what they'd look like. We are very fond of this look with some classic lightsabers design cues like the thin neck, control box and a visible crystal on the pommel. This hilt is made of aluminum 6063, just like the rest of our incredib..
$249.00 $299.00
yoda lightsaber yoda lightsaber
-11 %
Model: yoda-lightsaber
The lightsaber of the oldest and wisest master of the Jedi Temple. Master Yoda, or as we like to call him "My little green friend" has one of the smallest sabers out there. But "size matters not" !! In 2022, a new, exquisite saber is added to the roster. The return of Yoda's saber in The Book of Bo..
$339.00 $379.00
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